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Iam worried all loose all my friends because of the people that pick on me.. Iam afraid they'll start hating me too because of the way I dress and the music I listen too.

I'm in my second semester of collage and I'm glad I got through the first but it was really tough and stressful on me especially living so far from my boyfriend. I'm afraid that this distance is the reason why I'm not doing as well as I should be but I also don't want to give him up and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm into my second semester of collage and I have to write a supplementary exam and I'm really stressed about it. This is one of my major courses too. If I fail this sub I don't think I want to continue with course but I'm afraid my parents are going to be mad/ dissiponted.

I'm scare to talk

I cry so I can relief stress

I'm scared of making the wrong move and if I do I'll get bullied

I'm scared that if I make a worng move I'll get bullied

I'm worried that no one will believe how much I'm hurting and brush it off as attention seeking or lies

Passive agressive comments make me anxious.

my parents

My best friend and only friend treats me horribly

How to hide self harm scars I'm scared


This is not so much as a worry but just a few words expressing my situation and feelings. My whole family is against me, i'm in a constant battle with them, it makes it so difficult to concentrate on school and get good grades.. i'm not talking about your typical family arguments, i'm talking about threats, being kicked out on the streets, getting the police involved kind of arguments. I'm 17. I'm scared. I am worried. I'm worried I won't get into university. I want to make something of my life. I want to be a lawyer. I'm sick of seeing people get mistreated. I'm worried I won't get to where i want because my life situation is so stressful and it's so difficult to try and focus in school, when that's also another nightmare place for me.

I am scared that my grandma will judge me for being bisexual

I worry that I'm wasting my life by being antisocial and spending so much time in bed.

I'm worried that I will end up lonely and have no one .. I worry about anything and everything, I feel anxious and sad all the time for no reason .. I worry that I'm a disappointment and that I'm going nowhere in life .. I just want to be happy and I need to learn to cope with my anxiety better .. Anxiety is truly an everyday struggle

I'm scared of high school everyone looks at you while you walk down the halls and all your thinking is I don't wanna be here.

My girlfriend might lose feelings for me

There's this girl that has been living w me and my family for about a year and a half . It's not fair cause my parents pay more attention to her than to me. I'm pretty sure my mom hates me. I just can't do it anymore.

My grandmother passed away back a few months ago. She was practically another mother to me and I grew up with her. I don't know how to deal with my emotions, or how to stop worrying so much about her. I always wonder " Is she safe? Or " Is she okay?" And "Is she out of her pain?" I don't know how to deal with the situation. Everyday it gets worse and worse.

I feel like I will never be good enough.

My mom and dad fight alot. im scared they are going to get seperated. I definitely don't want that to happen.

I am constantly anxious about my health and well being.

I have been battling anxiety and depression and stuff for years now and the only thing that made me happy was my boyfriend but he left me because he thought I cheated even tho I never ... I'm afraid he won't ever believe me or talk to me again or even come back to me :'( I don't know what to do , I'm afraid I might have lost him forever because something I didn't do :'( I wish I could talk to someone and get him to believe that I didn't do it :'( i wish I could get him back :'(

(sorry for my english i live in Europe) So the past 2 weeks or so, i have slowly decided to eat less/almost nothing, the only thing i ate was dinner and a little amount of lunch, and after lunch i tried to throw up several times, no success doe. Everytime i go past a mirror i think i'm ugly or fat. I think about food and how terrible food is all the time....I really don't know what to do.(male)

My boyfriend messed up. He admits he messed up. He keeps apologizing and doing everything in his power to show me hes sorry, but i still dont know if we'll ever be the same. I worry that we won't be the same.

I'm scared that everyone hate me! I'm scared that I can't do anything good I'm scared that I'm not good enough

I'm worried that I'll never be loved

My boyfriend of a year and a half had sex with me and 2 hours later broke up with me. I feel used. I feel like I'm not good enough for anything.

I have booked an appointment to see my school counselor, & I hope she can help me through some stuff that's on my mind right now

I just got out of the hospital from a suicide attempt and since my life has impossibly gotten worse. I am afraid of losing people, but lately I've been losing so much.

Getting bullyed

I am scared when I am alone.

I've been struggling with anxiety and separation anxiety for years. I've come such a long way within the last year; I can now stay home alone. I'm now open about having anxiety and I don't care who knows. I have an appointment with a councillor in a few days but I'm anxious about it. I'm taking this big step for myself but I'm not sure if I should be worrying about how it's affecting my family and friends.

I've told my mom before that I feel like I should be a male, and she brushed it off, I hate being a female honestly, I just wish I could talk to people about It.

I'm worried that my boyfriend will chose someone else despite everything he does to show he loves me

everyone around me better at everything than me whether it's singing or school i'm never good enough.

I haven't had a good day in a month and a half i always tend to find something bad in the day to make my self feel worse, i have no motivation anymore to do anything but i'm too afraid of missing school.

I'm afraid of judgement of others , i'm going to therapy but i'm still afraid no one will believe that i have anxiety.

I feel as if I'm a disappointment to everyone . It seems like I let everyone down and can't do anything right. I get so down on myself that I think that maybe it's better that I never even existed. They wouldn't have to worry about me anymore and everything would be easier

I'm worried no one will ever love me....I'm a lesbian, and girls tell me they like me then when I try they say they can't/won't be with me...they make me fall for them them then they hurt me and Idek anymore

I'm at a loss... I have no friends they are gone!! And I am afraid of school! I am on the edge if life!! I don't wanna die! But I don't wanna live, I need help! Somebody help me

Im terrified at failing my test all though i feel like im failing at everything

I am worried about how fat and ugly I am

Been to a counsellor that's given up on me and kids help phone did nothing for me. I don't know what to do now.

I'm worried that I won't finish my chem homework in time. I get really anxious when I'm not organized or punctual and I have no idea what I'm doing.

My boyfriend doing drugs

I'm scared that my boyfriend is cheating on me, and I don't want to talk about it with him because I don't want to lose him. I'm pathetic-_-

I use to think I was pretty the way I was until my parents told me I was the dirtiest looking one in my class just because I don't ware makeup and do my hair up nice. And now I always look in the mirror and ask my self why do I look this way, why am I ugly, why can't I look like the pretty girls in my class. I always have those questions on my mind and they just won't go away, I hope this doesn't lead to depression or anxiety.

I'm depressed and sad all the time, it's not because of's because of friends. You know someone your whole life and shared secrets with them, then they just completely ignore you. Well ever since last summer my best friend I knew ever since I was 4 ...goes and lies to me, talks about me behind my back, and ignore me. Idk what to do because all the other friends I had stoped talking to me to.

Emagion every day waking up and then looking at your self in the mirror and saying to your self " this isn't me, why won't my parents let me be me, why am I ugly, why am I fat, etc ..." well that's me

I'm afraid when my only friend isn't at school and I don't know where I'll sit or how to act. My social anxiety goes through the roof whenever this happens

I'm afraid that because I'm so distant from people I'll lose all the people I care about.

I hate going out side, to the mall, or basically any where were there's people, I get this weird feeling in my stomach and I start to worry when I'm around people that I don't know, even people I do know for that matter. I think it's anxiety because if I do go around a group of people I feel like I'm gonna be sick and start worrying.

When ever I come home from school I lock my self in my room for the whole day, I do this because I lost all my friends every since grade 6 and I can't talk to my mom about this anymore because she just says that I'm being shy around them...I feel alone, no one wants to be around me.

Im scared everyone will hate me if they find out

I'm worried people will treat me differently if they find out about my depression

I want to come out as bisexual to my dad, but I'm pretty sure he is homophobic. He makes these little homophobic comments all the time and says he doesn't want any of his kids to be gay. I just want to come out knowing that my family will support me and love me.

I came out to my mom as bisexual and she says it's just a phase. Part of me wants to cry because I feel like she doesn't want me to be gay, but another part wants to be angry because she doesn't understand.

I'm worried that I am a waste of space

I'm worried that I'm going no where

I'm worried that no one will ever pick up on when I say "I'm fine" or "o no I'm tired that's all" that I'm actually suffering and I want someone to talk to but I'm to nervous to say :(

I'm scared to loose friends


I really like this guy. He's cute, we both like some of the same things (memes, etc), and we have great conversations over text, but I find it terribly hard to talk to him in real life. I get awfully shy, and even when I text him, I feel that I'm bothering him and that he doesn't truly want to talk to me or even be friends. As well, one of his closest friends makes me uneasy, and I feel uncomfortable trying to talk to him with that friend around, although his other friends are quite nice. I feel like I might end up driving them apart somehow, and I'd feel awful if I did. More than anything, I wish I didn't feel like this.

I'm tired of all my constant appointments. I have about 2 a week for my mental health, braces, school, etc. It's been like this for the past 5 years.

I'm scared to go to school.

I'm sad all the time, but whenever I tell my mom, dad, or doctor they just say it's hormones and I'm fine. I don't know what to do.

I feel overwhelmingly sick and anxious whenever I'm in intimidating social situations. I started shaking and even threw up this morning just from thinking about confessing to the person I like. It feels like I'll never be able to be honest about my feelings with people, because I'm always anxious that they'll judge me or think less of me for it.

Sometimes i think about suicide and cutting and my boyfriend tells me to talk to him about it but when i do he just says you have a perfect life and itd be selfish if you killed yourself (i suffer from anxiety and depression) i dont know what to do

I want to tell my mom about my mental health issues but I'm too scared of what would happen next.

I'm a dude and i hung out with this guy all summer who identifies as straight right now and it started as a joke that we were dating but then it turned into almost a real relationship, well it felt real anyways and i told him i was bi but he kept up the flirting and everything else and i fell for him but now he says hes straight and i thought he really did have feelings but i was just led on and now im struggling with a lot of anxiety and depression:/

I live in such a small place and we have a small school with small people and they all have close minds and I can't stand it. I need to get out I want to leave, I could do so much better somewhere else but I'm stuck here.

I don't know if what my dad does is emotional abuse. He yells at me, he curses at me, he blames me for things I didn't do, and it's usually because he's "stressed". Like, man, I get stressed too but I don't go around punching walls, breaking tvs, and making my kids cry. Then the other side of him comes out where hes cuddly and lovey and says sorry and that he's an idiot. And then part of me forgives him and I hate it, and I hate thinking that maybe that is emotional abuse because I love him still. I don't know.

When I see my friend interact with her family, her sister and her dad and her mom, I see a happy family that's like her and laughs and isn't perfect but isn't broken. When I see that I feel so unbelievably happy, and I think "is this how a family is supposed to be? Is my family that dysfunctional and borderline emotionally abusive, that I can't even tell what a normal family is anymore?". I think my family is somehow a bit broken. I don't know how to fix it.

I wanna talk about my dad and my family but what if the person I'm talking to decided it's an unsafe enviroment? Would I get taken away? I don't want that to happen. I love my family, we just need some work. My dad specifically.

I'm not sure what me and guidance counselor are doing is what I need. I wanna talk about my problems but she just gives me a worksheet and reads out of a book. It feels too forced. I think all she thinks that's wrong with me is anxiety. That's almost laughable. I have so much wrong with me, and I wanna talk about it, but I don't know how to politely say "can you please just listen to me for a few sessions and then help?".

It's been only a year or two that I somehow gained conciousness. Like I'm no longer a mindless zombie going through a routine. I have thoughts and feelings and worries, and a lot of them. I don't know what to do with them all. It seems like it's been so long since I've been happy for over a week straight that it seems like it's all I know. I don't like change at all, so I don't know if I want it to stop. It's almost like it's all I've ever known, how do I just be happy?

Whenever life feels good I always seem to find a new thing to fixate on. Like whether or not I should come out, or if I should tell my best friend I love her. I make myself think too much. I don't know how to stop it.

I don't know how to talk to people about my feelings unless I send it in a late night facebook message. I give myself time to overthink how the person will respond. I'm bad with talking about feelings face to face. I need help with that.

I don't know how to cope, with anything. Everything seems to be moving too fast. Like my life is a movie on fast forward. I don't like it. I thought I wanted to grow up and be independent and stuff but now I realize life is pretty hard. I don't know if I can deal with all the changes and curve balls life throws my way. I'm only 15 but I can't stop thinking about how much is changing.

I'm afraid I'll never be able to be myself. I'll never be able to come out and have people use the right pronouns and id be happy. What if that never happens? What if I'm just always too afraid to say "I'm not a girl"? Will I be unhappy forever?

This one character on a TV show called The 100 died. She was gay. The show runner told us she wasnt going to die, but then she died from a damn stray bullet. And then a bunch of other gay characters died on other shows. I realized that gay characters die all the time in television, and gay people die in real life too. Why are there so many people who hate us? I don't understand it.

I'm afraid that I might never get out of this cycle. The cycle of feeling good/okay for two days and then really/moderately bad for three or four.

I'm afraid I have too much love to give and it scares people. I care too much, about everyone and everything and I guess to some pexpletive that can be scary. I don't want to be scary.

I'm afraid I'll never be able to tell anyone how I really feel unless it's in some late night message on facebook.

I used to think I knew a lot. I do know a lot, I guess. In the sense of like reading books and doing math, im okay at it. When I think about life though, when I think about my life and just the general way the world is today I feel like an idiot and I feel pretty scared.

My friend, my best friend, is most likely moving away next year. I love her so much, and she's helped me through a lot. I don't know what I'm gonna do without her. She's the only one who I can be myself around, she's one of the only people that make me actually happy. I had a vivid dream of her falling through a crack and I couldn't save her and I don't know if that's my subconscious being afraid of her moving or my subconscious fixating on the fact that I don't know what her new environment will be like so what if she can't handle it? I dont know anymore.

My gender identity is something I've thought a lot about. I live in a small town where people wouldn't really understand. I've told my parents and a few close friends but the thought of coming out to everyone scares me and I think about it so much I sometimes wanna crawl under my covers and never leave.

This one girl in my class that won't leave me alone. She's not mean or anything, just really annoying and clingy and she just makes me kind of mad. I'm afraid one day I'll just snap and yell at her. I don't want to be mean but I don't know how to tell her to please leave me alone. I don't know if I can take her anymore!

I find it really hard to sleep at night, no matter what. When I'm not distracited by friends or technology or homework I can't stop over thinking and I get these intrusive thoughts that I know aren't real but I still believe them.

I don't know if listening to music like Twenty One Pilots is helping me or hurting me. I love it, I connect with it so much, but it also sometimes makes me really sad. I don't want to stop listening to their music though.

My dad yells a lot. But then he's all nice and cuddly and says he loves me. He seems to always blame stuff on me, even though I do the most in the house. I love him, bUT something feels wrong. He yells athe me, my mom, and my brother and I can never seem to stop crying. But then he says sorry and hugs us and I say I forgive him and a part of me that I hate does. I don't know what this is.

I keep having days where everything feels wrong. I haven't been to school the last 3 days cause I told my mom I'm sick but I'm just sad. I don't know what it means, it just keeps happening. I don't know how to talk about it. I don't know what it is.

My parents hate my boyfriend and don't want me near him, They want me to stay far away from him as possible.

People don't understand that I have diagnosed anxiety and they still put pressure on me to do things I don't feel comfortable doing. They say "well you have to do it sometime" or "put on your big girl shoes" , it's like no one understands. I really want people to stop pressuring me

i just dont know what to do...... im the only asexual

my OCD and hypocondria has taken over :/ i cant enjoy the things i like to do anymore or have no interest in anything

how do you even come out to your family? my family will be dissapointed.

I just found out i was asexual, my chances of getting a relationship are very little :(

Thinking about school and the fact that I might get called in front of everyone stresses me out to the point where I don't even go.

All I can think about is the past and the abuse. I can't seem to get passed it. I'm worried I'll never recover from this..

Are my good thoughts blurring with the bad ones to the point where I can't even differentiate them anymore? Are the thoughts that I once thought to be good actually horribly self-destructive and I've been hurting myself this whole time? I don't know. I honest to god don't know anymore.

I feel like ill never get friends everyday i feel left out To things in school

I fell like I'm growing further and further apart from god.

I feel like I'm growing apart from my friends and that everyone is ignoring me

I'm scared that when i meet my moms new boyfriend, he's going to be a jerk. Her previous boyfriend didn't believe that lgbt people should have rights and that mentally ill people should just get over themselves. I can't go through that again.

My mom won't listen to me

I want help but mom says it's silly

I'm bisexual and alot of my friends are bisexual but I'm still scared to tell anyone because I'm afraid they'll think that I'm just faking it for attention.

My family wants me to see a physchiatrist because things annoy me. I'm a hormonal teenager things are going to annoy me. Like I'm only human. I know this is nothing compared to what other people are dealing with, I just wanted to share.

I have really bad trust issues, so whenever a guy tells me he likes me I think he's just trying to screw me over.

I've been sexually assaulted by my brother and now I'm afriad to even kiss my boyfriend I know I'm only 14 but still it's scary to think my boyfriend might do something he's a sweet guy but that doesn't mean he won't do it and I'm really scared

I'm terrified. I can feel my depression coming back. Each time is worse than the last and I'm terrified that this time I really will kill myself.

I'm back to questioning my gender, I think I'm genderfluid? But most day I feel like a guy so am I trans? I don't understand what's going on in my head.

My friends only like me when I'm happy.

I have so many friends but I feel so alone

I have only one friend, lately we've been drifting apart because she is making more friends but I have anxiety and I'm very anti social and I don't know what to do. I'm scared I'll be alone again...

I feel sad I think I am transgender but I have no one to talk to or I am afraid of what people might think ??

I have OCD and sometimes it's really hard...

I worry that soon enough I'm gonna cut to deep or take to many pills and actually survive

I'm so alone

I am the moth. The light is my prison

My parents always fight and always find a way to get me involved without physically getting me involved I don't wanna be caught in the middle anymore why can't everything just be okay why can't I be okay

I use to always be talkitive and Energetic and wanting to go outside with friends but lately I haven't been the same. I rather stay inside and be close to family. I went out with friends the other night though I felt like I didn't get involved with conversations as much or the same as before and they noticed I didn't talk the same they asked me what was wrong and I couldn't answer cause I didn't really know myself...

It's time to go back to school and I'm going to grade 10 this year I'm so nervous for online courses this year I'm freaking out about it and is nervous as ever

Last month my cat died, he was like my bestfriend he always listened to me talk about my problems and was always there to cuddle . And Im so depressed over it...

I'm worried about going back to school. I'm worried that I won't have friends and I'm worried I'll be put down by people. I'm stressed about classes I've never even started yet and teachers I'm scared I'll have

School is just around the corner and my stress and angseity is starting to kick in again

I'm scared that I'll never be good enough for anyone, and the fear is becoming too strong. dangerous. I don't see hope for anything anymore.

I'm a lesbian in high school, I've online dated 3 girls and broke up with them all less than a month after because it was to much pressure for me, now I feel like anyone who's loves me I'll push away. It's a horrible feeling that il never love or be loved.

I'm so scared for the future. I don't have any goals, ambitions, or talents to help me get to a good place in life. It makes me feel worthless, especially since everyone I know hoas something going for them.

I'm worried that I'm going to miss out on things because I get extreme anxiety about talking on the phone, to the point where I avoid answering if I don't know them and becoming close to having a panic attack just thinking that I have to call someone, even if I know that it just going to be an automated system.

I haven't been able to see myself living past 16. suicide is getting clearer every day..

I worry about disappointing my parents they seem to never be happy with what I do and what makes me happy! This makes me upset

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I think I need to leave my girlfriend. Things are so stressful between us and she's putting in a lot of effort but everything that happened to us in the past still hurts me. I don't know what to do anymore

i think i might kill myself before something good happens to me .. but nothing good ever happens

i think i was abused but i dont want to tell anyone

i think i was abused but i dont want to tell anyone

My anti-depressants haven't been working, but i don't think I need them cause I'm not sad, I'm just numb

I trusted a guy and when we hung out alone he did something I could never forgive him for . Now I feel to weak and I want to work out and be stronger to defend myself

I'm just becoming a teenager and me and my so called friends are all changing too much is happening to me and I'm too stressed idk how to cope with it

I'm praying that things like what happened in Germany and Nice don't happen here in Canada, but they very well could if we keep taking in refugees, and if the situations in Germany and Sweden don't tell you anything, you're not listening. It shouldn't cost a country its ass to help people, and they need to stop altogether.

I want to talk to someone about what's wrong but it's hard because I don't even understand what is wrong with me.

No one expects a lot from me but I wish they did because it just makes me feel worthless. I wish people would put more effort into being my friend but it feels like no one likes me as much as I like them

Will I feel better?

I'm at a camp and I feel so upset because I can't talk to anyone because of my social anxiety. I'm sapoused to be helping but I don't think I can

My parents are the cause of my depression and self harm. I just can't handle it anymore. They know that I have depression and anxiety and that a lot of it stems from home but they don't do anything different. They seem to think I've gotten better. They think I've stopped cutting. I've just gotten better at hiding it.

My friend has anxiety but won't ask anyone for help. She gets mad really easily and over everything especially if she doesn't get her own way. She hasn't talked to me in a week and I have no idea why. Part of me doesn't care because I'm sick dealing with her and feeling like I don't matter. Being around her stresses me out and brings my mood down but she is literally the only friend I have I don't know what to do

My parents are making me move across the country but me and my boyfriend are going to try to stay together I'm sure he's the one but this is going to have me worried sick..

About going to a new school

There's this girl in my school and she tells everyone that she has depression and takes antidepressants every day. I overheard her in the bathroom telling one of her friends it was all a big lie. It makes me so mad that there are people like me who actually struggle with depression and self harm and she goes and lies for attention.

I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't get out of bed in the morning. I feel like my depression is taking over my life. It's driving me crazy. I don't feel like trying anymore.

I always feel like a burden on my family and friends. I look at myself as being the worst and most boring friend in a friend group and I always feel like a burden on my family, whether it be asking my parents to simply drive me somewhere (like once a month) or to drive me somewhere I absolutely must be, like a job interview. I feel guilty for asking my parents to do anything for me and I only ask them for something if I can't get there myself, can't afford it, etc. I wish they never had me

Me and my girlfriend of around 2 years recently broke up, I know that I messed up and that it's really my fault. I still love her and every day is getting harder and harder. I'm so lost and I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

I liked a guy. He liked me. I lost feelings. I told him. He won't stop texting me now, and he was in with a group of friends that helped further my depression, who I've ended things with. I don't want to talk to him anymore. I want to be left alone from him. It makes me want to cry just thinking about him, and I want him to just screw off!

It terrifies me how quickly I can get sick of someone. I can all of a sudden just stop having feelings about someone. I'm constantly hurting people because of it and I don't want to do it again.

I started flirting with a guy three years older then me who's in foster care. We both developed feelings, but it stressed me out too much and I lost romantic feelings. His father left when he was younger, and I'm afraid he feels like I abandoned him too. I can't deal with the guilt of it.

I started flirting with a guy three years older then me who's in foster care. We both developed feelings, but it stressed me out too much and I lost romantic feelings. His father left when he was younger, and I'm afraid he feels like I abandoned him too. I can't deal with the guilt of it.

I trust no one. There is literally so much pressure on my heart

I have anxiety almost everyday I feel an anxious butterfly feeling in my stomach and I sometimes worry that it won't go away it's a terrible feeling and so very uncomfortable.

As bad as it sounds I wish my parents would just hurry up and get divorced. I know it's gonna happen sooner or later. Just make it sooner and get it overwith. It'd be best for the family

I'm pansexual but I feel like if I come out everyone will think i'm faking for attention

My mom found smokes I took from her, she said "I don't want you to end up where I am" but I've never even had a full pack in my life.

I feel lost in the world. I can't seem to get back on top and fix everything. I'm constantly worrying about what may happen or what has happened and the ways I could have prevented it or changed it. My biggest fear is that my father is going to abandon my sisters as he did to me when I needed him. I'm scared there gonna go grow up with him there but my as a father just someone you see every once and a while, just like I did and there's nothin I can do but watch and be there. I want them to have the chance with him that I didn't.

Everything's changing and I'm not quite sure I like it.

Why is it that because I don't like my four year old half brother literally pulling out my hair, throwing rocks large sticks from the top of the slide, biting and constantly hitting and kicking. It's my fualt!!!

Kill me that all that I worth nothing no one loves me no one will miss me they will be so happy if I die or even kill myself who cares if I die no one because I am a slut and I will become nothing more I will be a mother fucking slut because that all that I can do anyone else feel like this or anything like thins

I'm interested in a guy but he doesn't know I'm deppresed... What if he sees my scars and starts to hate me..

I want to tell my mom im a lesbian but she is homophobic

I'm self conscience when I wear shorts and everyone always asks me why I'm wearing leggings when so warm out and I say I'm cold...

I have depression and social anxiety. My two best friends are depressed. I'm not alone and i know that but i feel like i am. I'm trapped inside my head and i cant get out. i haven't told anyone that I'm depressed or that i self harm or used to. i want to cut all the time and its gotten really bad. i have no one to talk too and i don't know how to get help. I'm trying this but i don't know anymore i just want to die and I'm only thirteen for gods sake. someone help...

I'm not myself right now. All I want to do is become my happy, cheerful self again, but I'm scared I won't go back to that person. I'm scared I'll be this person for now on

I am soooooooooo in love with him but he barely notices me

I think my sister tells lies about me to my friends

I finally figured it out. I worry to go to someone for help. so I need someone to come to me . Like a teacher. Teachers should care about their students. Teachers don't care about their students.

The only thing to fear is fear itself

So, right now all the few friends,or should I even call them friends,I have left are hanging out together, having a great time, they don't know that I know this. They say we're friends, but they never treat me like one, the never invite me to hang out with them they never text me, and the never include me in any conversations. like really what kind of best friends are they? They know my other friend group dumped me, so why so rude. I have social problems I can never ask people to hang out or anything, and I don't know why. The one time I got the nerves to ask them to come over they made excuses to say no. That completely crushed me. I wish I had a real friend, I had one and then I moved away from her. And I also really need to talk to someone, they would be the perfect people but nope, I really need to tell someone about my problems like I really think I have ADHD or something like that but I have no one to talk to and also I am really in love with this guy, like rrrreeeaaallllllllyyyyyy in love with him, but once again, no one to talk to. I have no clue what is wrong with me, I am pretty, athletic, and kinda smart but nobody likes me and I just want to lock my self up and hide forever. And one more thing if you are reading this and think you might be doing this to someone, then stop it, do those hundreds of thousands of people a favour and be their friend. Please.

I have been friends with this guy for 5 years but he does not talk to me a lot anymore .also I feel like there is no one out there that likes or loves me

I feel like I'm not gonna make it as a tattoo artist

Everything. nobody cares about me, they say they do but I don't believe them. I am invisible. I know I should not think this way but I do at school they teach to never leave people out but I don't think I have ever not been left out of anything ever. I just want it to stop, I want to have a good life but that does not seem possible right now.

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I'm so sad and idk why! I just want to be happy but for some reason I can't. I want to recover from anorexia but I want to be stick thin. I hate this.

Me and my boyfriend have been in a bad fight for days. I wanna stand for myself but I don't wanna lose him

Im afraid of loosig him... We used to go out last year but then we were on and off. We are really close again now, but one of my really close friends has a huge crush on him and i think i do too. She keeps askig me for his number. I still love him....

I worry too much and I'm so paranoid I always think people are watching me and judging me. I feel so unwanted

my boyfriend lives somewhere else and I'm always afraid that he will find someone better for him and it constantly stresses me

I'm worried that I will never be good enough, nobody expects a whole lot of of me but I still disappoint them, I can't seem to function like everyone else and I'm afraid that soon everyone will give up on me and I will give up on myself.

Sometimes I feel like I'm really ready to reach out and talk to somebody about how I'm feeling, and so I try to talk to my mom. But she cuts me off and shuts me down and says "I'm trying to understand" but she won't let me finish a sentence without butting in with a "it's the hormones" or "its normal" or "its all in your head".

I feel overwhelmed by all my school work and studying for finals, and on top of that, I have a choir performance this weekend that I wasn't told about. My best friend just started dating the guy I love, but I don't want to say anything because she seems so happy, but everytime I see them kiss, I think of the way he used to kiss me and tell me everything was gonna be okay. I struggle in school because I'm dyslexic and I have anxiety, and bipolar depression. And all my friends joke around about these disorders and it hurts because they have no idea what it's like to wake up and contemplate killing yourself because you don't want to face the day. But for some reason, I'm still here. I'm still kicking. And I guess I'm a little bit glad for that.

I'm afraid that no one will ever fall in love with me

I feel like I always do the wrong thing during social situations

The girl who had been my best friend for almost all my life barely even talks to me anymore

I feel like I'm bad at every new thing I try

I'm having anxiety about not passing my last science test for the year and that I might not pass the year.

My parents have been split for years and I used to go to his house my dad and my step mom would mentaly abuse me and now when I am around older men feel lime I am going to get hurt.

I feel like every one hates me and no one understands what I am dealing with ever one uses me and when they don't need me that act like they never met me or they just treat me like dirt and walks all over me I help people when there down but when I am hurting, depressed, or even having a panic atac they don't care they look at me and just say whatever.....

It was a hard day at school, I knew it was coming when I smelt the alcohol, and the next thing I heard was "17 years and you're still a joke"

Will I get better, can I even get better.

I get a lot of migraines and I'm scared that they're being caused by something serious.

I'm locked in my basement and I'm not aloud to talk to anyone or even talk out loud. I'm never aloud to leave the basement or the house and when I try to get out or talk(maybe even to myself) I get hit.

I'm worried that my parents will find out that they are the reason I'm depressed, that I cut; and how truly terrified I am of myself.

I worry that my depression and anxiety scare everyone away and that I'm never good enough for anyone because I feel like I'm nothing

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I'm dealing with anxiety and depression sometimes he doesn't understand when I have panic attacks or need support.. And gets upset with me. I'm afraid I'm not good enough for him and my mental illness defines me.

I'm afraid I won't get the help I need for my anxiety, I just want this feeling to be over.

I have no friends in school I always sit in the bathroom at school during recess and lunch because I get anxious when I'm alone in public..

I'm afraid of failing school this year and having to go to level 4

I feel like my friends don't include me in anything

I'm worried that my boyfriend will catch feelings for his female friends

I fear that the cult of Social Justice will poison this world, and that none will dare retaliate.....

I don't think it's right that a school that teaches kindergarten to Grade 7 has a Pride flag up... But it feels like I can't say it without people thinking I'm homophobic. My problem is that none of the kids in that school are old enough to know for sure, and over half of them shouldn't even know what sex is. My school has one up- OK, it's high school. You're old enough to know in high school. But there's something about it that makes me wonder.....

I'm afraid that no boy will ever fall in love with me

I'm scared that taking ADHD medication will change my personality

I want to start a relationship with a guy 4 years older than me and in the army. I fear people will judge me or he'll find someone while he's away at work he can relate to more.

My religious family doesn't know that im gay

That I'll give up on myself

I'm always sad and it annoys everyone

My family don't care about me and I am not living with my mom and I am not even talking to her and I am scared because I I know I have to soon

My parents are splitting up they yell and scream and it feels like me and my sisters are the middle men im just scared that things won't be okay anymore

I have social anxiety, I can't go out with my family anymore and when I do I can break down at any moment. I'm worried that will happen.

I pray to God- and I'm not religious- that my generation won't be like this in the future..... It's like not being straight is cool suddenly! It's not!

I'm not sure what my sexual orientation is and I'm afraid my friends are gonna judge me

I live in a small town where everybody knows everybody, and nothing is kept a secret and for a person with anxiety that's one of the worse places to be. I walk around not know what to think and not knowing what others have to think about me. But I just keep walking around acting like everything is ok but really if someone was to enter my mind they would get lost in a gigantic maze of unnessisary thoughts that should never be thought of by someone my age. It has gotten so bad that some nights when I walk down the road all alone I here voices and walking behind me but when I turn around I see that nobody is there, it is just another part of the maze, so I take a deep breath and walk on and hope that, that will be the last of the maze but really its just a dead end and I'm struggling to find my way out


I've made mistakes in my life, which made me lose someone close to me. All I can think about is the good memories we had together. & think about how much I miss it.

worried about grad and my date

my mothers boyfriend is coming home tomorrow, i really dont like him my mother is so nice when he is gone and when he is home she ignores me. I just feel like im exploding inside :(

im worried im gonna feel this terrible for the rest of my life, and that things wont actually get better like everyone says

My parents don't want me to date the guy ive liked for 5 years now, andi know he would treat me like gold.

I'm worried that one day my anxiety and panic is going to become too much for my boyfriend to handle and he's going to leave me.

both my parents have new partners that live with them...... guess they dont love me anymore, doesnt feel like it! they dont respect my decisions.

My dad is getting married soon to another girl, i feel like im going to loose him :( Im so broken.

I'm worried that I'm not hurting enough to seek help with depression, and nobody will believe me if I tell them.

I'm worried about dying. It scares me to know that one day we're all going to be gone, and I'm just so scared.

I feel like I'm not going to be able to get anywhere in life once I finish school. I do have some goals for the future, but I keep worrying that I will fail to reach them.

No one ever cares about me like I do for them, or puts in the same effort as I do.

do you ever feel the like world is mad at you for no reason at all.

I'm scared my ex its going to kill himself because i broke up with him due to the fact he was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive.

I have been depressed for years. I haven't went to my guidance counsellor about it because I'm afraid she won't help or can't find a way to help. My sister caused this, after my mom got cancer and nearly lost her life, and now I feel like my whole family, my sisters, my brother, and my parents are against me. And where as I have anxiety, I tend to not feel safe around them and I can't sleep at night because I'm worried my boyfriend or my friends will suddenly give up and kill themselves or forget me..

All my friends have left me and I have no one to turn to. I have no idea what to do anymore.

I'm worried my anxiety is preventing me from being myself.

That i will be afraid to go out in public because im scared something will happen to me, im letting my hypcondria take over :( i dont know how to stop it!

my hypocondria will take over and i will be to scared to go anywhere

Im scared that the guy I like isn't straight...

I think my "best friends" and boyfriend hate me. My friends always leave me out and my boyfiend can't take my anxiety! They all like each other more than me...

worried about grad :( and what i will do after.

worried about going to college... im not ready to move yet :(

Im worried because im not ready to move away and my mother thinks i wont do anything with my life :(

I'm worried about my favorite teacher getting there job cut.

I'm worried about not getting medication so I would be able to work this summer. Also worried about the side effects if I get the medication.

About the boats tying up.

I dint know what it is but I always have these thoughts that I have to do something really stupid (example: switch the lights on and off 11 times before I leave the room) and if I don't do it then something bad will happen (example: a loved one will pass.) sometimes I try to avoid doing these tasks but it brings a lot of anxiety on me:(

i worried i might die

I am worried about my test next week. :(

I'm sick of trying to be happy

i tell my friends im sad and i dont feel good about myself and they think its a joke and say "same" or " me too" or they just move past the subject. and its really hard when you have no one to talk to.

when i do one thing wrong, i feel really worthless. it dosnt matter if ive done many things right. its the worst feeling, i feel so bad about myself.

i feel like everyones always judging me, thats why i dont talk much.

I feel really anxious right now! I hate going to school so much. I just feel so sad and alone

that I look and act like a kid.

Whenever my friends don't text back in our group chat right away I'm afraid they have a different group chat without me where they talk about how dumb I am.

I feel like everything that's ever happened to me is all my fault and I could have prevented it all by being different than I am

I'm fat

I'm scared that I will never have any friends while I live in this small town, there's only 100 kids in my school and I can't relate to anyone, I've lived here for four years and I don't hang out with anybody. I've talked to people and tried to socialize but it just doesn't work... I think I might have add but my mom doesn't want me to have it so she doesn't accept it, and my mom always shoves Christianity in my face when I'm agnostic.

im worried that if i open up to much to my friends they will leave like everyone else

im worried that if i open up to much to my friends they will leave like everyone else

I don't know if I want to live with my mom or dad

I feel like my boyfriend don't want to be with me anymore because of my depressed and my anxiety and also because of me cutting myself

I'm 14 and my boyfriend really wants to have sex with me. I feel like I'm ready but I don't want to get pregnant or get sti's!

I'm depressed and my friend doesn't know. I don't know if she would like me that same if she knew that I'm NEVER happy, it's all just fake!

I like this guy, and I think he likes my back! But he has a girlfriend and I don't want to get in the way of that! I really don't know what to do:((

I feel like no one can love me.

I feel unlovable. Whenever things get tough people just leave me. I'm worried that I'll never find someone who is willing put in the time and effort to love me.

I worry that I'm not good enough , I worry that I'll never find anyone who accepts the way I am , I try so hard to make other people happy but all I'm doing is making everyone hate me more and more

I've started self-harming again and I'm terrified some one will find out.

I'm worried that I won't get accepted for school this year. I work so hard and it feels like I never get anything in return for it. Not knowing where my life is going keeps me awake at night and is driving me crazy!

Scared of teen pregnancy

Scared of teen pregnancy

My best friend recently got a new boyfriend and I feel like she would rather spend time with him then with me.

My friend recently has tryed to kill herself and she hasn't been in school. I worried that maybe she did!

I only have a few friends and there not really good friends usually we hang out on Fridays and I just overheard them saying I was invited they don't know I heard and I feel very left out/alone

I think my bestfriend is depressed. I tried to talk to her about it but she became upset

I'm worried that I will be feeling this depressed and even more depressed when life moves on. I don't wanna feel this way anymore I just wanna let myself go.

That my numbness to human emotion will drive my boyfriend away

There's this girl in class who's my BFF and I have had a crush on her probably since grade 3-4 and she still don't know but idk what her response or reaction would be if she realises that after all these years, she finally knows that I like her

I'm Still Questioning If I'm Heterosexual Or Bisexual And IDK What People Will Think If They Think I'm Bi

I'm worried that my boyfriend will leave me whenever I start to feel no emotions..

I feel like everyone hates me

I have an eating disorder, and I'm going through a growth spurt. I can't help but binge, and its killing me inside.

Im scared my family is going to find out about my eating disorder

I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone, especially my own girlfriend

I'm afraid one day I will finally crack for good

I have a crush on someone that I really, REALLY don't want to have a crush on but I can't help it and I'm scared of what my friends will think even though they already know about it.

Life gets so hard

There are these people at my school and one of them are a pretty mean bully They purposely do things and make it look like an accident

Mental illness is becoming a fad, it's like it's "popular" or "cool" to be depressed or have anxiety! People don't realize how it feels to watch/listen to people joke about something you seriously struggle with! If so many people keep saying that they need help when they really don't, how are we gonna believe the people who actually need help!

People don't take me seriously, I tell my best friend I'm depressed and have been seeing a therapist for over a year and she says "same" jokingly!

I'm constantly afraid I'll have a panic attack, even when there is nothing to be dressed about

I think I'm gay/lesbian.. and I'm really worried that my family might judge me.. and I've really tried to figure this out! and I can't seem to.. ugh

That my depression will drive everyone away.

I'm worried I'm a nymphomaniac

I'm worried the guy I'm talking to won't stay loyal to me

I'm scared my depression and anxiety will control me for the rest of my life

I'm almost 14 and i'm more on the chubby side. My mom is constantly telling me that i'm going to turn into a whale and i'm starting to believe her. I'm tempted to throw up but i'm trying to love my body, she's making that really hard though.

I'm jealous about my best friends boyfriend. I don't think I have feelings for her but he gets so much attention I feel like she has no time for me. I just don't want to lose another best friend.

My friend like this guy that is totally not interested and I think she knows that but she keeps talking about him and it gets annoying sometimes but I don't know what to say to her because I don't wanna be rude. I'm just worried that she will try to get close to him and he will totally reject her

Bf smoking weed

I think im a lesbian. Im scared

I am worried about many upcoming trips and events I have. I don't feel prepared for them.

I'm terrified of getting sick, it takes over my life on a daily basis and it's honestly ruining my life. I want help but I don't know how to ask for it.

I'm petrified that my current and secret romantic relationship will be discovered, and I'll be forced to break away from him...even worse, I feel as if it will never be accepted in the future, as our relationship is deemed "socially unacceptable."

I'm worried that everyone else I get close too will turn on me again.

Rejection from crushes

my whole future

I'm worried that I can't be strong much longer

I seen a girl n I wan holla

I have no idea what I'm going to do after high school and it's really stressing me out. There are so many directions to go it's making Myhead spin

I'm scared of me.

My mom is always the one to put me down about my weight

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That my "friend" is trying to ruin a relationship with a boy I really like behind my back.


I'm worried that when im in school I will get bullied.

I'm worried that k don't have any emotion towards love.. I recently broke up with a guy who was so inlove with me and I thought I love him too but when we broke up I have no emotion and with all of the other boys since my first "real" relationship heartbreak..

I'm worried that when my best friend visits for the summer, he will have moved on and will stop caring about me. He moved the day before my birthday so it was a while ago. And when he moved I realized that I can't get close to the people I want to get close to, because they will move away.

I'm scared someone will find my blades

Most people I know are aware I cut but they don't know what I use and I'm scared someone will find my blades

I worry that I'm not going to be prepared for when schools over. Not only is the education we get kind of terrible and doesn't really prepare us for much but I already have to much time on my hands while I'm in school let alone when it's over

I feel like Nothing Will change, school is another worry and this school year I just let iT pass like iT never happened. When will I be happy? I feel so alone and sad.

I wish I could switch lives with someone else

My friends has other friends who she hangs out with and I'm worried they all make fun of me when she hangs out with them

I wish I could get out of high school. Everyone talks about it getting better but I don't want to wait

I'm worried that my anxiety is leading to depression. I just feel hopeless

I've had severe anxiety and OCD since I was a little kid. I can't remember a time I didn't have them. I really want to get better but I'm scared I don't know who I am without them

I feel like I'm wasting my life worrying about everything but I can't stop worrying

I'm terrified of getting sick

I'm bi and in the closet and I always planned to stay that way until high school was over but my friend just came out as bi and it's making me wonder if I should to

I worry about being myself but still not being good enough.

im in love with this guy.. and he lives 7 hours away. and im afraid that it wont work out and he will find someone better, someone without depression or anxiety and less problems..

I never know what to do anymore

My friends have forgotten about me ever since I switched schools. So many times they've told me that they're hanging out and they'll text me if they do. I get no text but I see everyone in our group chat talking about how awesome them hanging out was or just saying a bunch of inside jokes and judging me when I don't get it. The only friend I have is not even in the same country. I can't anymore

My boyfriend and his best friend (who is a girl) hang out more often than me and my boyfriend, i feel like that he likes her more than me, also he picks her first over everything, who he tells all his secrets to, if he wants to tell a joke, or if hes sad or mad, and i think he likes her more than me. What should i do?

I don't think I'm good enough for anyone anymore.

I'm always sad. Even though I feel relatively happy around my friends but the minute I get home I feel like crap. Even though I've been showing a lot of symptoms, I can't be depressed, right ?

I have no one. It's so lonely

I really like this guy but I'm jelous of my friends because they talk to him all the time and they all have boyfriends so Ik that they won't take him from me but they still make me jelous

A family member to me a few minutes ago; "Oh wow _____ , you're gaining a lot of weight!" I never want to eat again

I've been having urges to cut again. I've gone 4 months I don't want to ruin my clean streak but it's hard.

I'm worried about being worried

Infertility runs in my family, basically all my aunts have it, and my parents had trouble with me. I'm worried I won't be able to have kids when I get older.

I'm worried my ex tells his new girlfriend my secrets. My friend (who is also his friend) asked me about something I had only told him.

I started talking to this guy and he is kinda good friends with my ex's ex who is also my friend and I feel like they talk about me as soon as I walk away.

I feel like such a horrible friend. I can't keep a secret

That high school will end up being worse than junior high

School is getting to overwhelming. My mom is sick. Im constantly sick. I have so many other things outside of school. I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm afraid I'm not making the right decisions

I feel like my mother doesn't care about me anymore

My mom found my laxatives. I'm afraid she'll find out about everything else too, the cutting, the purging... I'm supposed to be in recovery, why is this happening to me?

That high school is killing my creativity.

I like this guy but I'm afraid he doesn't know I exist. I'm way to nervous to approach him. Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough.

I worried I won't be able to be happy. I was depressed and suicidal about 2 years ago, and ever since then I feel numb and like I have this scar on me that everyone can see, but says nothing about. I feel like I will never fully come back from it, it consumed me. I am also scared I can't love, I had a boyfriend and he loved me, yet I felt nothing. We dated for a long time and I didn't even have a crush on him. I'm scared I lost all emotion.

I'm worried that when I get older, I won't bee able to have kids, I have menstrual issues.

If people say what goes through my head on a daily basis they would ask themselves how are you still breathing.

My step mom found out I self harmed and she told my dad who told my mom how told my brother and sister and now it feels like I'm being treated differently and I don't like it. It makes me wanna do it again more and more. And it feels like they don't fully trust me with anything sharp. It just bothers me and I can't stop thinking about it.

I know that im a lesbian but i am afraid to admit it to amyone. I say that i like boys but i know that i dont. I tell myself that if im not stright than i am bi but i know that i am gay, i just dont want others to know.

I have to poop. I cant poop

I'm worried my friends and family are gonna find out what goes through my head and never talk to me again.

That I won't pass my drivers test and I will upset my mom

Feeling like I'm to stupid and a failure at everything I do and always being told I am

I feel so stressed out because I am not getting the marks I want in school and it's like no matter how hard I try, my grades just WON'T GO UP! I have a tutor, I go to extra tutorials, I study at home and I write good notes! I can't spend all my time inside because I get upset and depressed and have the serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I want a social life! I want to hang with my friends and my "boyfriend". (Special guy that I like who has mutual feelings but we don't date.) I just wish I knew how to keep up on my school work and have a social life at the same time. I worry about all of this PLUS I'm homesick. Being a foster kid 2 hours away from home and I only visit my family so often. I miss my old friends, old school, old extra curricular activities! I wish I could go home but I can't, so I'm stuck here in a foster home, with barely anyone to trust. I feel like nobody understands how I feel. I feel like I can't trust anybody that I talk to, etc. Ugh!

Sometimes I just feel sad, and I feel like my friends aren't my real friends, and that I'll never find someone to love, and that I'll have nothing to do now since my favourite show ended 3 days ago.. I don't know. I also "like" my best friend but I know she doesn't like me back.. I'm a boy.

I now this probably sounds crazy but I get bullied because I'm to thin... I can't stand my body eny more.

I'm scared of being alone I'm 19 and have never really had a boyfriend

I'm afraid of my thoughts they think things I don't want to and never would do but I can't make them stop

I'm not good enough and I'm gonna disappoint my friends and family.

I made a mistake

My bf (of one year) doses not sow eny sings of love for me and I'm not sure if he likes me eny more

I go to a rely small scol , ( there's 8 people in my class ) and I don't have any friends. My best friend since kindergarten is really mean and sassy and my other "friend" talks to me like I now now nothing.

It's 2 am and I just got into a fight with my friend... I'm at her house to sleepover and I have no way to leave. I'm freaking out

I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid I will stop breathing

I stopped cutting for a year or more and relapsed last night

I feel like everything's hopeless.

Scared my friend is flirting with me since I have no interest with him

I'm starting a new school tomorrow. I don't think I've ever been so scared

I've been feeling a bit down ever since I got a bad mark on a Physics test in November, but when I bombed a Chemistry test I got back after Christmas, I nearly cut myself. And bombing a couple of my Midterms hasn't helped. I always feel like I'm on eggshells in Science class. Pairing that with constant feelings of inadequacy, plus extracurriculars mean I always feel tired. I know, lots of people have it way worse, but just because other people have worse problems doesn't mean that mine aren't legitimate. But still: How does one constantly feel like they don't measure up and like they're invisible when they test among the top 99.6% of people their age in North America?

Is it just me, or is school becoming more about how well you regurgitate information, instead of actually learning?

I feel like everyone is against me

I'm worried my parents will mind my stash of acid meth and cocaine

I'm always so tired. It's the type of tired sleep can't fix though

I miss my ex but I feel like he doesn't miss me at all, it really hurts seeing him happy without me

I no longer have the energy to be me and people always point out that I've changed.. I don't know what to do anymore!

Every body hates me Fuck the world

My bf And I always FaceTime but now he is always telling me that I have to wait because he is talking to zack should I be worry that it's not zack and that he is cheating

I'm worry if keep my window open all night that someone would come in and kill me

I'm scared to go to school braeause I'm scared what people are going to think or say about me

I want to tell my mom about what really goes on my head and why I don't want to go to school anymore but I'm afraid she'll hate me

I relapsed last night... I'm afraid someone might find out but I'm even more afraid of what I might do to myself

Is anyone else horrified of every man they see, even from a distance

People might realize that I'm not as sane as they think.... The eyeless people aren't helping.

I feel I have anxiety. my mom says I can tell her if any things wrong but I'm too afraid. I feel I have to cry a lot and lately I've been very anxious. I'm 12

i always feel like I'll never be loved fully


school is just so stressful, I'm doing well, but I just feel so over whelmed. And even when i get amazing marks in every subject, I feel like a failure.

I feel like I'm going insane. I beat myself up like everyday I don't even feel guilty, I like it. I deserve it. Also I feel no matter what I do to myself I'm never going to get the help I need and death is my only option.

I'm worried that I may have depression and anxiety. I used to be a really happy person and I don't ever feel happy anymore I just feel numb and I am constantly worrying over little things. I have only told one person this and I'm too scared to tell anyone else because of what they might think of me

Today I was not only informed that my boyfriend was planning to have sex with me next time we hang out despite me saying that I wasn't ready but had showed his friends my nudes. I'm worried everyone will find out. We are really popular...

I mess everything up

My mom thinks I was drugged at school (through food) but I just think I had a mental break down and I feel like I'm going insane... It sucked but I felt good after and part of me wants that numbness again, it was scary because I didn't think I would ever feel again but I know now it doesn't last long and just laying in silence with my mind shut off would be the best thing ever right now

I worry that I'm going to hurt myself again and I just feel like I'm going insane

I feel like I'm slowly losing my only friend

I'm worried that one day when I wake up everything will be bad and I won't have anything good in my life, I'm scared that I will loose everyone who cares about me, I'm worried that I'll never find someone who loves me and someone I feel 100% comfortable around. I'm scared that I will be alone forever and nothing will ever get better. I miss being a kid and not having a care in the world, I hate my life.. I'm a depressed, anxious, lonely, ugly girl who can't keep or even get a boyfriend.

The future

I'm so sad all the time and I feel like nobody likes me for who I am.

I went to my friends birthday party last night. There were only girls there, and I when I went home, I realized I was the only person who left and everyone else slept over and didn't invite me. I felt so excluded.

i feel like no one will fall in love with me.

So my sister has a friend and her brother is a year younger then me and he is really nice kind and cute and very good looking so I got the friend to ask him out for me and he said maybe I will think about so he ended up say he wants to be single for a while so can I ask him again in while though

I feel like i can't be in my class no more because of my crush and my friends i think i have depression and anxiety because of every thing that happens in school.

When I'm in school with the more popular girls in my class, I feel so distant and different from them. I feel like I'm not accepted there and I'm never good enough for them. I can't be myself in school because I'm afraid that they won't like me.

I'm worried about my sexuality. I'm pretty sure I'm gay and I like a girl. A lot. I've only come out to two of my friends and that's it. I'm not sure what my parents will say or think, or what others will think.

That I won't be good enough for anyone. Not even myself...

people have been making fun of me at school calling me things like fat, ugly, making fun of my voice. just everything, People have been telling me to kill myself I can't tell if they mean it. it sure feels like it. I don't think they realize everything that I'm going through and that words do really hurt.

all my friends have girlfriends and rather hang out with them than me ....

i feel like im wasting my time , trying to get into a relationship.

im worried about everyone judging me and just looking at all of my flaws

I'm a transboy. I have come out to my friends but I don't have the courage to come out to my family. I'm terrified of what they'll say.

Everyone blames me for the death of there friend, I blame me too

Is anyone else scared of oppening up there blinds because of the fear of a murdrer being there

Nobody really talks to me any more it's like they don't like me the only friends I have is at dance but I have never hung out with them outside of school

I feel like everything that happens, no matter what it is, is just my fault

I have mad feelings for a boy, I told him, now he won't even give me the time of day. I made a huge mistake

I don't think I actually have any friends. My "friends" text my boyfriend but they don't text me. It's been over 6 months since any of them texted me. I don't know what I did wrong. My boyfriend just laughs it off. Buy it actually really bothers me

I go to school everyday and see the popular girls act like their besties with each other and act like everything in life is perfect. Yet somehow everyone still want to be them, feel like them and give anything to be friends with them. They can't see through that fake personality built on other peoples wants and likes.

Am worried that I will never get better

I know I am going to relapse soon and I'm afraid the longer I wait, the worse it will be.

I got so much work to do but not enough time for it all

I feel like no one will ever love me

I really like this boy but he thinks of me as only a friend and it's super frustrating

I'm worried that one of my friends hates me but she acts like she loves me. I'm afraid that she talks about me behind my back.

My parents divorcing was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me

I have to go talk to someone about my anxiety tomorrow and I'm nervous

I think I have OCD

I don't understand how people these days joke about every flaw to every person who isnt perfect. My worry is how people hide their emotions in when things are said to them about their flaws just like i do everyday, like putting on a mask every morning trying to be a person im not

My mom changed when she got a bf, I feel like nothing to her now


I feel a lot of pressure to have sex but I'm not comfortable enough with myself to let anyone else see me like that.

My girlfriend cheated on me some time back and I feel as if I'm no longer good for anyone else as I am also doing school online and im isolated from everything.

Loneliness and darkness are my only friends..

I hate that my boyfriend goes to one schoo and I go to another. I'm always alone at lunch because my friends go with their boyfriends. so I just lock myself in a stall and don't come out until lunch is over. they never ask where I was


I'm so sick and tired of being bullied and the bully gets away with it but when I do something I get it big time

I'm worried that soon I will just be nothing and that the sliver of me that is left will start to fade away. There are so many thoughts that race around in my mind and it's hard trying to tell someone what you're going through without feeling crazy.

I have no clue who I am. No one understands. At my age, it's abnormal to know certain things, like your sexuality. I am bi, and I'm scared. I have a slight crush on this girl in my class. The problem? Homophobic brother. He'd beat the sh*t out of me if he found out! She's only been in our school for two weeks.. She seems nice. But, also, I am good friends with three boys. One of them, my cousin, loves Terraria and teaches me loads about it. The second one is basically the same way! The third one, is dating my "best" friend. I can't say best, after all the sh*t she's put me through. I feel jealous of her, honestly. I needed to get that off my chest. I know someone, anyone, will see this, and they will know how I feel.

I cut last night......... Im worried if my parents find out again

I'm trans.... I haven't told anybody yet because I'm too afraid

That I'll never get better

I'm worrys about being judged and laughed at when I have to do a speech or any public speaking

I'm in grade 10 and I feel like if I don't get a gf before I graduates , I'll be single forever.

When the teacher FORCES you to read in class. I become anxious

*I feel like I'm trapped inside a box. A box with no emotion. I feel no emotion and it makes me worry that I'll just completely zone out and no one will be able to wake me up. I try to beat down the walls of this stupid box but me and my words just sit there inclosed with barley enough oxygen to breath. I feel nothing and then all of a sudden ill just sit there and bawl my eyes out FOR NO APPARENT REASON. People are just like "get over yourself and stop crying" and I feel, and oh hell do I feel like yelling back with all this anger "don't you think if I could I would?!" They just don't understand. But then I go back to this no emotion me and try not to think as much yet that pretty much always makes it worse. *

Sometimes people just need to learn to take advice, and to see and understand views other than theirs.

I wish people had grit again....

In scared that I'm not as good as all the other girls, and that I'm going to be left or cheated on for someone better then me..

I don't want to go to grad, I don't have a date, no one wants to go with me

I don't want to move away next year I want to take a year off but my family will be disappointed in me

I'm worried the bully's will never stop

I would rather play with kids then people my own age, I still like toys

I act like a kid even tho I'm graduating but I like it

I'm not ready to move out on my own yet


IM GAY!!!!!!!!!

I really wish we could go back to the old days...... When people had spines and weren't afraid to work or to say exactly what they thought.

I really don't like it when I go to some places and I'm basically told to be quiet, listen, and accept what I'm hearing as truth. Someone telling me to just listen and believe shows that their words can't hold up to scrutiny, and that neither can they.

I'm against popular opinion on a few things, and it gets frustrating knowing that I can't say exactly what I think without people looking at me funny. So what, I can't have an opinion people don't like? It's nice knowing that people being more accepting of some people means that they become less accepting of others.

I'm failing out of university but too scared to tell anyone.

I'm scared that I'm COMPLETELY INSANE. Everyone immediately thinks, by insane I mean I'm a psychopath. No. I feel like I'm being watched. I can't tell anyone, either, no one understands. Not just that, but I wouldn't hurt anyone, like they think. It feels like in this world, its kill, or BE killed. I talk with my "friends", more like classmates, I only have my cousin, stepsister, bff and another guy. They don't understand, either. My classmates all think I'm timid, quiet. I think more than I say. Another day goes by, another tale of rape. I'm obsessed with silence. I feel like I have anxiety. I'm so stressed out.

I'm worried that if I don't get a boyfriend soon I never will. I am in grade 11 and have never kissed a boy. All my friends have boyfriends but I don't know any guys that would be interested in me.


Eating disorder, social anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, idk what I'm in life for... I feel suicide is the only real answer.... Can anyone help me or am I all alone in this fight....

My friends always want to hang out with their boyfriends instead of me

I cut sometimes but I'm afraid what my friends will think of me

I feel terrible. I see everyone else doing so good.. And I want to be like them. Its not fair. Everyone brushes off my anxiety as "shyness" and tells me either that: 1. too young to know you're bisexual. 2. Its "just a phase" and the biggest lie, "It will get better." No. It will not get better. I can't accept myself, and neither can anyone else. But im glad I have my friends, my 7/6 friends. And I just wanna grab someone and never let go, just hug forever.

I always feel alone and never get the respect I deserve and give to my friend

Tired of living somone else's life

i got cheated on last night

I'm bisexual, and trying to come out to my older brother. My younger brother asked what "gay" meant because my older bro said it, and I said that it meant a guy only likes other guys. And that some girls like girls, say if I liked another girl. But my older bro responded with "But, you don't." I do. I like another girl. Why is he being so complicated?..

why doesn't anyone like me

I'm really worried about my best friend

I'm tired of my anxiety screwing up my life.

I am always very suicidal and I self harm really bad but I can't tell anyone or get help

Feeling anxious

My friend s are being jerks there is this game and every one plays it I'm bad and they bass popularity on that can any buddy help?


I think I have a eatting disorder and idk what to do

I have panic attacks when I think about school I have panic attacks when I'm home from my parents yelling at me, telling me to talk to them, but, every time I try they say don't worry about it or interrupt me. Plus my dad says that my anxiety and depression are bullshit and that I need to smarten up...

Whenever I'm around a lot of other people my age, and I hear them talking, it makes me feel like I'm 20 years older than I am, maybe because my views on things and those of others are so different..... Am I the only one who wishes that people would actually do things for themselves and not wait for people to do it for them? For people to actually do something with themselves? I always feel like I'm in my own bubble, completely separate from everyone else.

It's just at school I'm getting picked on by every little thing, and every little thing hurts more and more. I say something I'm proud of then I get tore down. I lost all my friends so everything that gets thrown at me I'm alone to take it, no one there to stand up with me

i'm so angry all the time

i feel like everyone would be better off with me dead

I just told my mom, i might be bulimic. Im freaking out about whats next

I'm scared things are never going to get better

My friend will offer to do certain things for me that I can't do because of my anxiety, but afterwards she seems kind of mad about it. I really don't want her to hate me

Im so fat and my mom tells me every day how fat i am

My mom always compairs me to other people and she always says im not responsible and so and so is always studying and remebers things but the fact is im too depressed to be as good

My relationship is a mess, but I've been with him for so long and I feel like I'm not good enough for him anymore, and I'm trying my best to keep him in my life but he makes me feel so unwanted and ugly .. He makes me so suicidal sometimes .. I don't know if I should keep trying or let go, either way I'll be destroyed

I am worries when I am in school

My French presentation on Wednesday.

I feel that the decline in religion here not only in this province, but in society is spelling doom for Christendom. And as for "Diversity", no thanks. We've got people of English, Irish, Scottish, French, even Spanish and Portuguese descent, not to mention our Inuit, Mètis, and First Nations brethren! Newfoundland and Canada don't need to be diverse, because we already are. And we've got massive problems as is- we are in no state to accept refugees when it takes 3 months for addicts to even get an assessment for counselling. We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

im ashamed of my scares and cuts. but i don't wanna be! their a part of who i am and i can't change it. but im afraid that people will think in just looking for attention if try not to be ashamed of them

Whenever a teacher tells me I'm doing something wrong or not the preferred way I cry..

my parents are so over protective and controlling. they try to control my life. and yeah I now they're parents they have the right. but I'm 14 years old. I should be able to some things freely. I can't even give my man a gift without getting questioned. seriously and all they do is yell at me and tell me how lazy and disrespectful I am. I'm so sick of it. I can't wait to move out.

I'm worrying for my pop's health... Why does cancer have to exist???


I hate when people are mad at me

Me and my friend have nothing in common. She only ever talks about what she wants and she never stops complaining about everything. I never get to say what's on my mind. And if I share my option she'll just get made at me.

I can't get over someone who I never even dated

I'm pansexual and my parents believe some people are "too young to decide if they're gay or not". They always say it's fine if one of their kids are gay but they really don't act like it. They are Christians and I'm agnostic, and I try to hint at them that I don't believe in God, but they just reply with "you need to go to church more". I'm scared I'll never be able to come out, tell them my beliefs, and don't have to worry about them judging me.

I always feel so sick

Worried about coming out

I'm scared that when my parents see my report card they will be extremely disappointed.

Why can't I stop worrying, and getting upset, and angry over nothing? I tend to cry over someone basically talking to me, I've been so emotionally lately. I worry over everything, and my anxiety acts up. Why, can't it just leave? I'd be a way better person, and wouldn't be so sick, and would stop worrying over crap. This really sucks! :/ It's like I'm bipolar. :/

I worry that my parents like my sister more than me

I feel empty inside. Like I feel like I'm just a rock on the ground with no emotions except occasional sadness

I want to cut again but I don't want to get caught. I feel depressed in school. I rather get hit by a train than be at school.

I feel okay, but just okay. I want to feel more than okay I want to be great or even good, I gues my expectations for life are just too high

Worrying about coming out

I'm always always upset. Sometimes I feel like I'm crying for no reason but I know there's a reason somewhere inside me. Who understands what I'm trying to say?

I worry that all my friends are prettier than me

I know this is really weird, but I'm extremely worried about, Japan, Beirut, Mexico, Paris, and Lebanon. I'm worried that NL or somewhere in the US close to NL will be next.

Why can't I stop getting so mad at the littlest things

I'm afraid of losing her

I wish everything will be better and I can be more happier about life . It feels like no one cares if I commit suicide or just no one wants to talk to me or just think I'm invisible. My teacher doesent care about me I don't think my parents and my sister even care about me. And we always get into arguments and I always get blamed for things I don't even do. Does anyone feel the same?

I worry that I could have a eating disorder but I don't think its that bad because there are days when i eat nothing, or I eat supper and barf it all and then there are days when I cannot stop eating. I don't want to tell anyone because of the fear they will laugh because I am no where near thin enough to have an eating disorder...

I showed my parents my scars. I can't stop shaking now

I worry that I might be in love with a 19 year old.. (I'm 14.)

My boyfriend and I are fighting and I think I'm devolving feelings for someone else and I don't know what to do I love him, but I don't think it's working out

My relationship is a mess I don't know what to do

I'm always the one left out in the group. They all seem to hang out without me, maybe they don't want me there at all??

I get really angry over stupid things and I can't control it

I think I'm in love with my best friend..

I wish I could talk to some of the people on here

Me and my boyfriend ALWAYS fight, and while we were fighting I started talking to another guy he likes me but I think of him as a friend and I'm afraid i will start liking him

I worry that my mom won't let me get medication for my depression and it'll get worse and worse.

I worry that no matter how hard I try at something I'm always gonna fail

I worry that my mom thinks my depression is just me wanting attention.

I'm worried that I'm going to keep gaining weight. I feel like all I do is binge. I'm out of control. I hate myself.

My life sucks, I have too wear gloves and socks to bed because of the cracks on my fingers and toes . And it really doesn't help that I don't have much time left with my nana.

My only friend is being mean to me and hurting me but I'm not wanting to not be friends because every one in my class hates me.

I'm worried that things won't ever get better

I wish there was a comment section here for help

for the past little while I haven't liked my two best friends together. they pick on me and make fun of me all the time. I think it's the reason I've been feeling so sad and wanting to be alone a lot lately...

I'm worried that I'm never going to stop being so scared and that I'm not going to be good enough or brave enough to grow up and be the person I want/need to be.

Me and my boyfriend just broke up now I might like another guy but that makes me feel bad about myself

Everyone thinks I'm popular, smart, that i have a great family and that I'm always happy and I try to make them keep thinking that. But that's not true at all and it's getting harder to keep that believable, my family yells at me all the time, I'm having a lot of trouble in school and all my friends are starting to get really mean to me and I don't know what to do to fix that

My best friend and I have been best friends for ever I tell her everything but lately she is just being mean to me, so I dont have anyone to talk to anymore and that's making me really upset

I'm worried that I'm putting to much pressure on my boyfriend about me being suicidle, depressed, and having anxiety. he says it's fine but I'm scared he's becoming annoyed or doesn't wanna hear about it. I feel so bad

I like two people; one doesn't know I exist and the other likes someone else. My life is crumbling to pieces and this on top of it all doesn't help

I'm praying that our next government will make this country great again.

I need to talk to someone I feel like I'm slowly going insane from my own thoughts

I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone.

I'm unhappy in my relationship. I can no longer determine if I'm staying because I love him or because I fear being alone and know I wouldn't be able to find anyone else.

I worry that everyone of my friends that I care about don't really care about me . I think that their only friends with me because I hang out with the boys all the time. As a girl it sucks not knowing if people really care...

I'm a pansexual trans boy and am far from out of the closet. Since I have short hair, whenever it's flat down on my head without any volume ( the way I like it), my mom always tells me to do something with it 'cause she "won't let me leave the house looking like a boy". I always hope she means it like it's a good thing, but I know she doesn't. I know I won't be able to come out properly till I move out on my own, but it's starting to really hurt. She is after having a conversation wih me about how i'm a girl, not a boy. And the fact that my friends are leaving me out when the "squad" hangs out ( I mean EVERY time) is not helping. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to handle all this.

I don't think I'm good enough,I wish my life had never come to be.Im Bisexual and no one will talk to moving aswell so I don't know what to do

Today is coming out day. So hello guys, I'm asexual and genderqueer. :)

I'm trying so hard not to cut right now

I worry if I will ever have any friends, I'm in my forth school in the last year and my anxiety is stopping me from going.

I just need a friend or some one to talk to.

I fear im not good enough for the people i love....

I'm supposed to be in the 9th grade this year but so far I haven't been able to make it to a single class. I'm losing interest in all the things I love and feel like there's no point. I'm falling deeper and deeper into depression and I'm afraid I'll never get out

Everyone thinks I'm happy, but in reality I'm dying inside and I dont know what to do amymore, sometimes I think drugs might be a way to show people I am not okay, but thats not the answer. I don't know what to do anymore.

I worry that I'm forever stuck in my abusive relationship with my girlfriend. I love her so much and things started great and then they got sour and now I feel trapped, and I can't bring up her faults without her getting all sad about herself. I'm trapped.

I have a boyfriend and he has been goin over to this girls house with all his buddys .... But the thing is he used to like this girl and it makes me very worried to think of them together

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me

I'm bisexual and my BESTFRIEND won't hug me or call me "bb" or treat me like the rest of her friends but she doesn't judge me but it hurts so much to be treated different and the one I love the most, treats me different. All my life I've been treated less than and all I do is try my best. Most of the time I feel like I don't belong here. I have depression and all I want is to be happy and be like the rest of my friends

I feel I've spent my whole life hidding the real me. I've hurt myself over and over in an attempt to mold myself into a person I can never be, just so everyone else would accept me. I'm scared to be myself because no one would appreciate me, like me, care about me . . . I know this because I don't even like myself, why would anyone else?

I'm usually a happy and positive person but I haven't always been and I've cut many times, I've wanted to die so many times taking pills and then trying to throw them up and almost jumping but breaking down, and I've been doing better but now I get really anxious in school and I shake way more than normal, I thought I was going to have a panic attack today, and I have so much on my plate. I am always alone and I feel like when I'm in a crowd in still alone. I'm a social person but so far in school I usually sit alone and talk to no one and I don't know what's happening to me. I'm scared of what I'm going to do next

I blame everything on myself and i dont know why

I overheard people in my school saying really bad things about my best friend, but I'm too scared to tell him about it.

I'm worried that I'm going to get bullied really badly at my school. And since I'm only young in my school (I just started middle school) and I feel like they think I'm vunerable...

I won't get to see my boyfriend for a while and I'm afraid he's going to get tiered of being with me. I really love him a lot.... I'd be devestated

I told someone I thought I could trust that I think that I'm trans, but people have been acting strange around me lately. Now I'm really scared she's been telling people about it.

I feel like things are looking up and I dont know how long it will last for.

Every time I go to school I get dizzy and feel weak in a crowded room

I'm worry about school. I'm going back to the school I was in last year but I have zero friends in that School still . I hate being alone.

That I'm useless

I worry that I will have to much anxiety and not want to go to school

I worry that I will have to much anxiety and not want to go to school

I wish I could go travel without getting anxiety

I'm scared I will not want to go back to school because of anxiety

Am I the only that dreads coming home?

I can't get out of my head everything feels like a mess inside and I have no way out

Always overthinking and over analyzing everything I say or do in the run of a day. Worried that I should be more exciting or more interesting and should be acting differently. I'm always stressing over where I stand with people and always questioning why he's with me.

People are beginning to think.I harm myself for attention. Nobody seems to think that I may just need a friend. I want to leave this planet but, I just can't find the right way...

I'm worried that I will fail all of my final exams and have to repeat the 11 grade or worse... I may have to go back for level 4 :( I don't want to disappoint my parents...

Every time I'm with my "friends" they rather talk to other people than me, they also ignore me and I think they think I'm no good. What should I do?????!

I'm afraid that I'll never be good enough. I'm such a failure that I can't even kill myself properly, I've tried overdosing every day this past week.

what if no one ever falls in love with me..

I'm worried of loosing my world.

if i kill myself, the people i love most will spend their days crying. upset. no happiness left. i dont want that. but i also dont want to suffer. all i want is to end it i want to be happy but i dont want to take away my loved ones happiness.

I'm worried about going to court... :(

i feel like it woukd just be easier to be straight than be a lesbian like i am andi think those thoughts are making me falsely fall for guys and i want a girlfriend so badi want to have to have some one to hold and someone to kiss and someone to cre about me just as much as i care about them and actually want to hang out with me and understand me and my weird thoughts and i dont think ill ever get that

I worry so much that I can't sleep...

I worry about this case. If there is even case? Someone hurt me badly, the worst is I don't want him to hurt the way I did but I also know I have to protect myself and will do any means nessersary!! Ty worry jar

I've been best friends with this guy for years and I fallen in love with him I'm afraid to lose him has a friend but more afraid to lose him to someone else but I'm more afraid he Dosent feel the same way about me and I worry about it everyday

Every time I do a test or even a little quiz I stress out and get the thought that I failed even though I haven't.My teachers tell me I shouldn't worry because my marks are so high but the thought haunts me until I get the test back and then I get really upset when I don't do well.....

I know I need help, but I'm too shy to ask

Someone tried to tell me that my girlfriend was flirting with my cousin when my girlfriend isn't even like that and it really upsets me even though she didn't flirt and I feel like crying and I don't know why

I'm scared my best friend is going to pick her new boyfriend over me when I've been here forever

I wish I did not have to listen to my parents argue every day and night

Eyeryone, i can promise you guys that its all gonna be okay, 2 years ago i faced name calling, bullying, self harming, and anorixa. I have gotten over it since. But when all that was going on, i felt like killing myself and my goal in life was to be dead. But no matter how many times people told me to believe them when they said "it would get better", i woulnd listen and keep hurting myself. After. My 6th scucide attempt my parents took me to a thatipest and for most people it works but i just lied to her because i know that she woukd just tell my parents whatever has happened in there. So clearly that hasnt helped. But she did make me realise one thing, if i find something else then cutting to cope with things, i can live such a better life and right now, im a year and two months clean and im so proud of myself for that! But my point is, no matter what you think, yes or no, i know from personal experience that life will get better!! I went from a 52% average in school to the high 80%s. Because i tried and i beleaved in myself. Because i know that i only have one life to live and im living it to the most. Just stay stong babes. For me❤️. i know you can do this. I believe in you.

is she talking behind my back

Im sad all the time, like 100% of the time. I was on antidepressants and they made my self harm worse, I didn't take them right though. I think I just don't want to lose the attention given to me from my issues, I'm just that horrible. I've tried to commit 4 times, I died once but was unfortunately revived. I hurt my mom and dad by being sad and I just want to be the independent little girl they want back. And my amazing boyfriend is addicted to a pill and it's really hurting me and stressing me out but I need to help him and I care about him so much. I cry myself to sleep every single night wanting to cut but knowing if I do he'll do a pill and I'll harm him more than me. My life's a mess and I'm ready for it to be over.

I worry about the people I love. I worry about my best friends and if I'm doing a good job with keeping them happy with who they are

I found out the inly person I trusted with everything thinks I'm overreacting

everyone thinks I'm weird annoying ugly ect...

I'll always hurt people I care about

I worry about my future & public exams. I know that I'm never going to be successful so what is the point? I always question my existence. I honestly have no purpose. I'm good for nothing,. On top of all of this I think that I'm bisexual. I seriously just want to jump off a bridge or go to sleep and never wake up.

I think I have bipolar disorder but I have no way of going to the doctor about it. My parents don't want me on medication for it, but I just want some kind of reassurance that this isn't how I'm supposed to feel

I wish I could, for just one day, not have to be strong or act like I'm not going through hell or like I'm not dying inside.

Nobody ever understands my anxiety and depression and tell me to just get over it! I worry nobody will ever understand and I'll never have the life I always wanted.

I really like a girl but I don't know if she likes me back what should do?

This world is getting more beautiful to me.. Everyone is gifted! I'm just worried I'm too far gone..I feel like I'm being born again! Tomorrow will be tough and that's another worry : (

Does anyone in the world please tell me on how to get a cute girlfriend?

I'm worried that I'm not good enough for anyone. I'm 14 I should worry about this crap I worry there's something seriously wrong with me. The thoughts that go though my head day to day. I don't want anything to be wrong with me I really don't I just wanna be happy and heatlhy. But the smallest things bring me down and I'm scared of everything and I have no idea what to do anymore I'm only happy if I'm high or drunk. That sucks! I'm worried that in being used. I'm worried if I let someone in there just going to hurt me. I hate being hurt.

I just got out of a relationship. Even though I can't call him mine. When he isn't even mine, it still hurts to see him with someone else. Do you feel me...

The feeling like I'm not good enough. Like i'm not good enough to love him. Like I wasn't perfect enough for him. Like my love doesn't matter.

I worry that I will live my life alone, no boyfriend, nobody to love.

My cousin who is supposedly my best friend is too embarrassed to be around me or be in pictures with me. She even said that if we weren't cousins she wouldn't have anything to do with me. I'm afraid I'm loosing her to some other girls at school who she's getting close with. She is hanging out with them more and she doesn't invite me or ask to hang out. I have nobody else.

My mom told me she would quit smoking. Imm scared she is still smoking behind my back

I've been really stressed lately and I don't really know why

I worry no one Will love me

if I kill myself, my parents would loose it. they would cry and grief. I don't want them to that. i want them to understand that I didn't want to exist anymore, that I don't want to be alive anymore, that I'm hurting and suffering. I just don't understand why I'm in this earth, and why I'm so miserable. who would put me in this situation? I don't know. I just want to commit already so I can stop hurting.

He Called and I don't understand ...after all he had done. Why!?


My family will completely fall apart... My sister got pregnant at 16 and got kicked out of my house, my other step sister completely stopped contacting us, my mom is depressed and my dad has anger issues..

I'm worried about my exams for school, I'm in grade 7 and this will be my first time doing them. I'm stressing out

I worry about how this sexual assault case is going to go. Only at the beginning now! So much talking to professionals and police and as nice as they are I feel sick.

I have social anxiety when it comes to public things and my mom is trying to make me go to a dance with my brother. I'm terrified and I told her I couldn't do it and she freaked out at me and said I'm selfish for doing so. I'm genuinely scared and now my mom won't even look at me without saying something terrible. I haven't stopped crying.



I'm worried that I'll lose everyone I care about

I worry about bad things. I can never think positive, I never think of good things.

I worry about bad things. I can never think positive, I never think of good things.

I worry that I won't be successful in life.

im afraid of going out in public and something bad happening to me. You here so many bad things on the news its hard for the fear to not take ocer yoyr life

I worry about my family and loved ones...I hope my mental illness isn't a burden too them because their all I got! And I love them dearly!!

i feel like i can never bond with people about music, like if i want to listen to The Libertines, people will just go ''who is that'' and that's quite hard. not just on a music scale, but people tire of me easily, and they go on and ask me do i eat because i'm so skinny and that honestly is a confidence crusher, it just makes zero sense why you would ask someone what they put into their body when it's none of your business..if it really affected them, they'd be my friends. i'm just tired of the world; white people taking over people's lands, cultures, and ways of living, and claiming that immigration is the #1 threat to a country, when obviously IT IS NOT. this world is a sorry excuse for a waste of an absolute nothing

I worry that I'm never going to be accepted..

Since i am such an idiot

There's this guy and I really like him A LOT but he only sees me as a friend but some times he acts like my boyfriend he'll hold my hand cuddle all that stuff but in the end I know this will never change it'll be me getting hurt when he finds the right girl.....I'm worried I'll lose him!

I'm thirteen and I worry about my appearance and I have bad anxiety when it comes to being alone in public. Confusing I know. I hate walking around in school without a friend by my side. I always think people are judging me and pointing out all my flaws. Waking up is an intense struggle for me. I wanna die but I don't want to be the one to take my life. I can't cut anymore because I need something stronger. Smoking isn't helpful either. Plus I can't risk smelling like smoke and having my parents find out. I dont know how to become the girl people admire when she walks past in the halls and it's killing me inside...

I'm afraid of losing my best friend because of this other girl who claims to be her "best friend" that she talks behind her back all the time but for some unknown reason she don't like me

Telling my parents that me and my ex-boyfriend who broke my heart, might be getting back together.. Help!

Being a bisexual guy is a pain...

My ex-boyfriend picking up smoking again

I am a furry how do I tell my parents

that my life is always going to be flat, unexciting, and i am going to simply be a robot doing the same thing every day unti i die. Wake up, eat, work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat. The human life is too precious to be wasted on just surviving, we need to live.

I hallucinate and I am not sure whether or not my parents would believe me if I told them. I am scared to tell them, I am afraid of reaction

So I've been with my girl for 11 months, i think she is an absolute angel, I feel so lucky to have her but at the same time I am easily bugged by some of the things she does, some of the things she does just kinda bug me but I really can't tell her because I don't want to stop her from doing anything she wants to do, I give hints often but she never seems to catch I said I feel lucky to have her but yet I feel hurt by some of the things she does and I can't bring it up because I just feel controlling if I do....I really wish there was an easy way to either not let it bother me or get her to understand

I don't want to get a job this summer I wanna take the summer off and explore a bit and find out more about myself but parents

Everyday all I do is worry about my health

I just can't take school or people anymore

I worry about not having enough energy to get through the days..

I worry about not having enough energy to get through the days..

I'm doing a speech on mental Illness, in it I let out that I am Bi-polar. My mom is a teacher and is adamant about me not sharing anything. I don't want her to lash out at me, I don't like yelling.

Because my stupidity

I'm worried that my friends are plotting against me all the time. I don't know who's looking out for me honestly anymore.

I am questioning my sexuality a lot. I used to think I'm asexual because about two months ago I didn't feel actracted to people, then i started being atracted to EVERYONE.(Not every individual, every gender.) Now I'm thinking that I'm pansexual.

I have tried to over dose every night for 11 days. why won't the stupid pills work?!

I worry that everyone hates me even when they say they don't.

I'm worried that everyone is gonna leave me

I missed that much school in over two months either skips off or just ain't feeling like going because knowing how the people are there making fun over stuff that has happened and coming home everyday almost because anxiety attacks... Stuff is pretty scary for a lot of us

I worry that I'll never stop getting picked on by ALOT of people or that I'll never get a boyfriend ever again

I worry that I'm loosing respect from my parents and family and friends...

I worry about everything is gonna go wrong for me... I'm already going down the wrong path with life...only 14 and can't stand this kinda life!:(

I worry way too much..

I worry about being alone when my bf is out of town!

im worried that my friend will tell on me what do i do

I'm scared of going to school an gettin bullied! I think I'm going to hurt my self and I'm scared

My parents fight, it causes me to be suicidal, I cut, I'm worried that when I have children this might be how I end up...

I worry about worrying..

I worry that because of the pain people have put me through in the past that I'll end up being the cause of someone's suicide. I had someone tell me that they'd kill themselves if I didn't sent him an explicit video, when I said no, he sent me a video of him attempting to OD. So I had to. People say that if someone blames you for being suicidal then they are only playing a game, I want to believe that but, others have blamed their suicidal thoughts on me and I feel like a monster. I find myself being mean to people without thinking, without trying, I can't control it. I've become a shell of the person I used to be. The guilt is tearing me apart. Today I checked the obituaries to see if an aquaintance killed himself because he miss understood something I had said. I feel like if I could cause pain on purpose then I'd be able to stop myself. But that's stupid. Today my friend didn't answer my texts, I thought it was because she was mad at me for saying things to my acquaintance, who is her best friend. So, I skipped out and went home early to cut myself. I've only started recently, someone told me it was great so I had to try it. I don't regret it. I might regret the scars. I've started carving my insecurities into my thigh. Things like monster, lovely, evil, fat. ... I don't see myself stopping, even if I want to wear shorts again some day. Other then that I see no point in stopping.

I'm worried about losing the ability to cope again.

I'm worried that my best and only friend won't give me a second chance

I think I screwed everything up with one of the most important people in my life my best friend the only one I actually really trust and she understands me and I said one stupid thing and she got so mad and I think she hates me but I'm nothing without her and I don't wanna loose we but I think it's too late :(

That I'll never find the energy to be as happy as I used to be

I feel like my friends aren't actually my friends. I mean, it used to just be a few jokes at my expense, just teasing, right. And it was the same with everyone, I guess it was distributed equally. And the jokes were funny too, but now it's not. They're always at my expense, and they think I have this list of guys that I like, and every time I try to tell them any differant, they don't listen. They even go and tell people that I like them. When I have no feelings for them, whatsoever. Which is really mean. I don't even know some of them... But they can be sweet like 20% of the time too, I know 20 is a failing grade but still, I've known these people since I was little. Should I tell them too stop or just back away? I'm so lost... Help.

I fine myself worrying about everything... Anxiety and lack of sleep don't help. Hoping to work through this!!

Parents think that school isn't stressful. But literally all you feel while being there is stressed out. It would be fine if things were interesting and the teachers cared and the students weren't assholes! All that is focused on in school is grades. It's not about learning and being interested in your classes, it's all about grades. In school, you are based on your grades and that's all. You're judged by the grades that you get. The teachers couldn't care less if you fail because they do a shitty job at trying to help. School is not a place I like to be, I'll admit that. Feels like a freaking hell hole.

My anxiety will stop me from doing the things I want to do.

That the people I care most about don't care about me at all.

That the people I care most about don't care about me at all.

im worryed when i go out in public places some ones going to hurt me or kill me.

My "friends"

I hate every part about me. From my shoulders, to my arms, to my thighs. I hate it all.

My grad is in a week and I have cuts on my arms....

I worry that people read my thoughts, and can see what I'm thinking...

I worry about tomorrow, and days and days after that. I self diagnosed myself with Panic disorder, but I can't bring myself to talk to anyone. Not even my school counsellor! I worry that they won't be able to help me cope with self harm, suicidal thoughts, anxiety attacks, etc... :( but I know they can and will, I just worry and think too much.

I'm just a worthless prick, just like my dad said

I need to be a better person.

I keep thinking no one will ever be able to help me get past this crying and hurting myself all the time

That my best friend won't be my best friend if they see my scars


That I will not be able to give my child the life they deserve cause I can't even take care my own

My brother is currently being assessed for a mental illness and I am worried that this runs in my family. I worry that maybe I'm not normal either?

The fact that all I can do when I become a legal adult and move out is to become a wage slave to Capitalist old money pigs who hoard their wealth and have the audacity to say that OUR greed, of the people who toil to make it so, is hurting the economy as we ask for a raise of the minimum wage. I'm scared of the fact that white people are a minority (8% of global population), and yet it is only countries with these people as original inhabitants that need more black people and etc, etc. I feel like 'Diversity' is ruining Europe and that everything's coming down around us as we speak.

My anxiety makes me think of every day as bad because there's always one embarrassing/sad/messy moment. That's just life but it deeply irritates me.

I only feel good after i cried for hours and have nothing left in me . When my breathing is heavy and im in the dark because only a half of me is down and my pain is what makes me better. I cant stand to see someone elses because i feel pain every day. I dont want anyone to start. I used to love life and smile every second now I do a fake smile so people dont worry. I have a heavy feeling in my chest but i wear a fake smile and try to hold my head up high to be diying inside

I tell people i am happy my chest hurts every day. I am never happy. When was the last time I shone a real smile. When my mom ask if im going through depression i say no

Im stopping talking because tou cant say anything you are not supposed to if you dont. If i get better from depression i will talk and smaile again. My life will never be the same. It has not been the same scence the first hit nine years ago

I dont get why i try or wake up. It is to hard. I am tired of being strong. Telling people im fine. I hate life. I never will


I'm so stressed out about school. I have so much to do in such little time and I wish I could just take a week off to have alone time for once

I want chainz and diamond ringz, but I just can't live my life like this

I'm worried that I'll remain indecisive about the decisions I make regarding my future... And that this will lead to going nowhere

Im worried that my friend will try to harm himself again... And this time i wont be there to help him through it

I'm worried that my friends don't like me any more and that I'll never get a boyfriend.

I don't want to kill myself, but I'd like to die, I hear of people walking the streets being hit by a car or a head on collision heck even an inoperable brain Tumor, the fact that I cry when I beg for something like this to happen is Crazyness, I also feel selfish cause I love my family, and this would only cause more pain... Sadly I hint at them about it and they laugh and take it as a joke, nobody takes me serious anymore, if I want to get better I have to remove myself from the situation either move from here or die simple as thAt, and to the people who ask about OD- ing don't first and last time I tried that I was in so much pain and could almost see my heart poping out of my chest PUMPPUMPPUMPPUMP as hard and fast as it could go couldn't even close my eyes to hope to fall asleep and never wake up, terrible pain

The people in my community are so fake and two faced I'm not sure if I can handle finishing grade 12 here next year

My best friend may have cancer.

I have fallen for my best friend, he is the most amazing person in the world and I am not. He does not know much about my old relationships because I am ashamed of them and what happened in them, I just really do not know what to do, should I tell him, or should I not.

the only thing i've learned from my mom is how not to treat my kids when i have them

I'm worried that I'm going to keep on falling for people who don't care about me for the rest of my life

I don't got friends no more I got fakes, guess I'm riding solo till the end

I'm sick of school. Everything seems pointless to me. I would stop going, but they just put so much pressure for you to do well or else you won't have a future.

My school has a total of about 80 kids most of their parents are teachers and i grew up hanging out with the older crowd their parents judge me cause I grew up faster then they let their kids.. Shame to see how they ruined that whole generation... Grow up

I want to get help I want to be told what I have or what's wrong with me, not for the sake of blaming my actions on an illness , but more of knowing I'm not crazy and I'm not alone

I try to speak and then I get interrupted and I know they can hear me- people just choose not to respond, it makes me feel as if my voice doesn't matter or I'm not good enough for their attention

I have to lie to my parents about feeling sick so I don't have to go to school and face having anxiety attacks all day I just feel like I can't even get out of bed in the mornings anymore

I'm tired of being tired

Me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up last week, I'm trying to deal with it and when I ask him for help he won't make any effort to see me.

My therapist knows I have anxiety but I'm afraid to bring up that I may have boarderline personality disorder

I'm worried that nobody in my school actually likes me and that I'll never really have that much friends. I only have about 2 friends now but I feel alone because they don't make me very happy and I always feel so sad in school because I feel like I'll never really be excepted. I used to have a lot of friends but when I got to high school they all went their own ways and I was just kinda left. I don't know I'm just afraid I'll never be accepted and I'll always be alone.

My friends leave me out of everything ... I really need friends who care

I can't handle it anymore I don't want to go to school i don't fit in ,I can't do it

My boyfriends depression is tearing him apart but every effort I make to try and make him happy just makes him so sad. I feel like I'm completely giving my everything I just want him to feel okay but it seems like it doesn't matter how hard I try it's never going to help. I just feel so helpless.

Sometimes when you talk to someone you can't see their face....

For the past 2 and a half months, i've been lonely and i have absolutely no friends or anyone to talk too in school. I used to have friends, but i either push them away from me and i dont realize it or people pushing me away for silly and immature reasons. Im sick and tired of going to school all lonely and sad. I wish God could send me a friend. I dont know what to do anymore...

I'm worried that I'll never have a good relationship... It seems that every guy I go out with doesn't care about my feelings. I've had almost every type of boyfriend. The cheaters, the liars, and the ones that made me feel horrible about myself. I just don't know about anything anymore.

I'm worried that I'll never have the grades my parents want me to have. My parents have tried to make me do so much with academics but I just can't do it... And lately they've been trying to get me to excersize more even though I walk to and from school every day. Its making me start to question my body image

I'm worried about graduating and starting my life alone with no support from my peers or family

My "best friend" is more concerned about herself than anyone else. She's constantly cutting me off, putting others down, complaining about petty problems, ect. I don't have the courage to tell her that I don't want to be around that behaviour because I'm afraid and very worried that no one else will want to be my friend.. I'd rather have a crappy friend than no friend

I'm tired of my friends using me and not being there when I need them. Or stabbing me in the back wether it's to other friends or in terms of boys or whatever it may be.

Being bullied isn't a joke and schools preach about how to come to them when you need help and when in reality they do not and won't help you they think it's a big joke.


I'm afraid that someone will destroy my right and make homosexuality illegal again and I'm afraid because then I can't be myself. I can't force myself to be straight.

My current boyfriend is so amazing, I worry every day that my baggage will make him wanna leave. I feel like I need him. And without him id be lost.

I'm afraid that if I tell somebody that I just like to watch on tv: my little pony: friendship is magic and Gravity falls. I'm going to be bullied.

I worry endlessly about not being able to make everyone happy all the time. It's impossible to go through life without accidentally hurting anyone but I can't stand the thought of being the reason for someone else's pain

I tried to over dose last night

my anxiety is worse than my depression, but I'm starting to control it.

my anxiety has been getting really bad lately...I act happy in school but I'm really upset. I tell my parents and friends that I'm fine because I don't want them to worry but I'm not doing well at all...I don't know what to do.

my anxiety has been getting really bad lately...I act happy in school but I'm really upset. I tell my parents and friends that I'm fine because I don't want them to worry but I'm not doing well at all...I don't know what to do.

I'm worried that no one wants me here..:(

I'm afraid of my ex, I can't look at myself without focusing on the scars he left. The physical ones.

Im tired of feeling used and worthless, ever since I can remember people have used me for the things I have, but when it comes down to me needing someone, even just to talk to I'm all alone. My best friend wants me to stay friends with everyone in our group, but I just can't handle how they make me feel anymore. I tried to kill myself 2 years ago, I will never resort to that again but, I just don't know what to do at this point. I feel so alone.

I'm afraid that the U.S. will collapse, the value of the U.S. Dollar will plummet, and that the world will descend into chaos and that when we rebuild, if we do, we will still have the rich in power and corruption will resume under the guise of freedom. Because how are we free if we're essentially forced to work anyway? How can we let the rich control even our governments and have over half the world's wealth while it is we who toil to run it? Y'all should all go and watch metropolis on Netflix. You'll see what I mean, plus it's a great movie.

I'm worried that our corrupt capitalist system will destroy our free will and our courage to fight against it will be doused by fear of unemployment.

About if I have a sickness like cancer (ANeixety

I worry that I'm not going to make it. I've had so mny bad days lately. I know some of my worst days are some people's best and I shouldn't take it for granted. However, I don't know how much more of this life I can take.. I'm well educated have a good job and friend who love and care about me which is a lot more than most have. I just don't like this feeling of being down and out and feeling unwanted..

I'm really worried that people will judge me and think I'm gross because of some stretch marks I have.

I'm worried about public exams in June. My grades aren't that great and I really don't want to have to re-do grade 11 :(

I am worried about my anxiety problems.. I've had really bad anxiety lately and had to go to the doctor and everything.. I blame everything on myself and then worry on how I'm always a huge fuckup:(

I'm worried that I'll never have a boyfriend like all of my friends, and I'm not good enough for anyone..

Im worried that since my anxiety hit and i have missed so much school, im not going to pass this year. no matter how hard i try to do my work from home, nothing seems like worth it. Grades continue to drop no matter how hard i work. im afraid of failing this year and having to take the failed courses with the new grade 10's, and theyll judge me, or think im stupid.

Being an inteovert in an xerovert world....

I keep reliving my breakup with the one whom I loved so much.. What do I do.. I am worried I won't get over him.. Ever.. And the thing is I would take him back in a heartbeat..

I over think.. Everything.. And so with that basically I always cry ,yield to sleep at night.. I'm worried about this..

My ex boyfriend whom there's still mutual feelings for is moving.. And it hurts. What should I do?

I may seem happy in the halls of Holy Spirit but I'm not, I hurt more then anyone can believe and I'm ticking.. I smile a lot and I try to be optimistic but I can't at all. I'm going to break, I'm going to embarrass myself. I can't emotionally stay stable when my mind is so conflicted with me. Help.

Sometimes I think about self harming I scratch my self because I'm to fat And today I made my self bleed Only a drop but Oh I really don't want to be like this I hate asking for help I don't know what to do

My friend is depressed has OCD and anxiety I really want to help him but I don't know how also I've been really depressed and I don't know why?!

I worry about not being happy anymore not like I use to be..

I'm the only girl in my school, who doesn't have a date to prom. I'm worried im not good enough. And worried that on prom day i will made fun of.

I'm worried about my health :/

If you're reading this right now, please remember that you are so much stronger than you think you are<3 You will pull through whatever struggle you're going through because you are a warrior and you have the ability to fight and work to the best of your abilities! Don't take yourself for granted because you are strong, you are loved, and you are SO worth it! Please remember that you are beautiful and strong! No matter what you look like and what you are capable of! You are a beautiful human being in my eyes, even if I haven't met you before. You are trying. And that is enough for me! You and trying and that means you are not giving up! Be strong! I believe in you:) <3

I feel fat in everything I wear. I have never been in a relationship for more than a few weeks and always end up dumped. I always feel like people are talking about me and laughing at me.

im worried about everything, i think i have anxiety, but i have anxiety about telling about my anxiety, so when people ask me why i dont want do do somthing, i say im just shy instead of telling them about my social anxiety. but i am not depressed. I've only had about 3 panic attacks in the past 2 years it does not controll my life, i just dont want be mom to think its really bad and worry about me self harming or even suicide, im not depressed. i just dont want people to treat me differant

I've been having a lot of panic attacks lately and I don't know what to do. I feel so alone and useless. I'm afraid that I'm going to feel like this forever. I can't stop crying and I'm soon giving up.

I'm going to snap

I'm worrid that I will hurt myself

I'm worried that my only friends I will ever have will be my online friends.

I'm going through so much. My family has money issues and my mom constantly talks to me about my parents divorce and the money issues. I know she needs someone to talk to, but I'm only 13! I only understand some of what's going on an its to much for me to handle. I don't want to know about all of this

I'm worried about a lot of things!

I worry no one with ever like me again :-(

I have no idea what I am. I assumed I was straight for a while, but then I was thinking asexual. I kind of want to cross dress, but I'm not transsexual. And I'm confused because I don't think I'm asexual anymore, because I still like guys, but the thought of dating a girl makes me happier than thinking of a guy doing the same things with me.

I'm honestly kinda scared to go to high school. The whole idea of everything harder, everything longer, more work, maybe the teachers aren't as good, plus all the courses and trying to figure out what to be when I grow up..... Even thinking about it stresses me out to the point of crying.

My best friend (my only true friend) has been staying out of school for around 6 months . I have been talking to her but she is very depressed. She is cutting her self and is sducidal. Im very worried about her. I did do self harm but only once and I really regret it. I feel like my friend is going to give up and leave the world.

I'm terrified that my grades won't be good enough to get into University.

I'm worried that I will never get a boyfriend. I am 19 and have never been in a relationship. I am lonely and depressed.

A close friend of mine has been talking about suicide recently and, god she hasn't been online all day which is unusual , please keep her in ur thoughts if you can I'm so scared

I'm moving out of my abusive household next week and one I'm afraid my family will find out sooner then planned and hurt me, and two, I'm queer and trans and very afraid of becoming a statistic ,,,

Im really skinny... And everyone calls me anoirex because im skinny its not my fault i got a high matablizem... Shag em im done!!!

I'm not a very tiny person.. I feel like sometimes people might think I'm bipolar because I change my moods so quickly..I need help figuring this out!

What isn't my worry? People tell me the only way to feel better is to step outside of my comfort zone when I don't even have a comfort zone to begin with. I'm ALWAYS uncomfortable. I can't even be around a group of 4 or more people without throwing up and I hate this so damn much. It is stopping me from living my life.

That this mean girl who use to be my friend before she flipped out at me and my other friends but I'm scared she will turn everyone against me

I feel every emotion too deeply. I can't stand the fact that other people are hurting so I try to absorb their hurt and end up feeling bad instead of them. I worry I'm letting myself disappear.

I worry about my weight like there's no tomorrow. I try and try to work it off but I never see any progress. I feel like just giving up eating would make everything so much better.

My school the people's perents that help at the school the kids never get in trouble when they hurt someone or Bully someone, I get bullyed A LOT by one of those kids and I get so upset.

I'm worried that I will lose someone soon that I love

I'm kinda fat and I look like I'm pregnant I get bullied and sometimes people look at me and I see them laugh sometimes I do have friends and I also feel so ugly too my mom says I just have a muffin top on my stomach but I don't belive her, there's also this girl in my dance class who gives me kinda like death stares everytime she smiles and I go near her for my spot she just stares at with no smile and just stares at me I hate my life I do eat healthy and excercise but nothing seems to work:'-(

I have anxiety. I'm taking baby steps. I'm finally trying to order my own food at restaurants... :/

So I have a boyfriend. But I think I might like my friend ..... Who is a girl. This girl hates me but I do like her. Idk if I'm Bi or stright or gay. I need help

I've been stuck with a bet that could make me lose my only friend

Pain It demands to be felt But sometimes it's felt too strongly There comes a time when the pain becomes unbearable It begins to eat you alive It's like a monster inside you The worst part is you can't escape it It's inside your head It's in your mind It's everywhere You try to run from it Only in the devastating realization that there's no escaping this internal, mental pain You see this pain is more than just a scrap or a bruise from the playground This pain is in your heart Its in your mind It's everywhere The scars on your wrists remind you of how you tried to release that pain How you ached for some sort of feeling Some sort of relief from this gut wrenching Unbearable Brutal pain. Until one day You're gone They've lost you That girl who they once knew That happy little girl that they once knew is no longer there She is dead She is now just a walking corps of the human she was See that's the thing about pain It destroys you -B. Ingram

I can't and I won't stop cutting...

I lost a lot of my friends lately, they all left me saying I betrayed them when that's all they did to me. They said me paragrahs on how bad of a person I am and how they were always there for me when they ignored me for the past few days. It hurt me a lot and I don't know what to do cause I already lost everyone else so now I have like 1 person there for me. I'm so stressed and I'm getting so hurt easyily. I hate the fact that everyone I trusted and told the most to could leave me so easyily. It hurts. A lot.

Honestly my school is full of hatred people everyone is so judgemental sometimes I judt want to move away

I'm too fat to have an eating disorder, I'm such a pig

I fear that one day, I will kill myself and harm the ones I love.

Will it ever get better?

I'm so tired.

I worry that my friends don't care how I feel

That no one will love me because of my instability

What about when I'm older and I reach a difficult point? What if I relapse into my old ways

That ill never be strong enough to cope with my emotions

I don't trust anyone whole-heartley. There is no one I know that I would tell everything to . I feel bottled up because of my lack of trust

im worried im developing a eating disorder

Lately, I've been feeling very alone. I feel like I don't have anyone here for me, when I know I do. My ex boyfriend led me on and made me fall for him all over again, then he made out with this girl at a party and talks to her and says the same things to her that he said to me. and on top of all of that, my grades are dropping and I know my parents aren't happy with it and they aren't proud of me like they use to be. I think that has to do with my friends as well, and I feel like breaking down. I don't know what to do. also I want to call kids help phone but don't want my parents knowing and I don't know what to do about it. :(

That my sister wont graduate because my family has an outstanding mental illness history and I struggled through high school myself and dropped out. But I never gave up, Im 20 now and I graduated I really want her to succeed and I love her so much, shes so smart and shes even in advanced math.. she can do this.... I wish holy heart would be waay more supportive to thier students. .

Not wearing a bathing suit because people will see my scars

I hate myself and my life and I'm so sad but nobody cares.

I'm afraid I'm not good enough, I'm afraid that I'll never be good enough. My sadness is not for attention. I want help, but I'm too scared to ask for it. Some days I can't make myself get out of bed. My sadness overwhelms me and I know that I'll never be good enough. I won't be pretty, or skinny or even worth loving. I'm scared one day I'll fall victim to my own sadness and that I won't be able to walk away from the pain I fell. If I fall again, I'm not sure I'll get back up.

I'm worried I'll never get better. I'm worried I'll continue to feel the way I do, day in and day out. I want to seek professional help, but there's people out there in a worse condition than I. They need the help more than I do.

People always make fun of me, for everything, from my sexual orientation, to my weight, I'm 6'1", but I'm almost 300lbs of pure fat, no muscle.

I'm worried that I'm pitied , not loved.

Once my boyfriend leaves me. I'm going to start cutting again.....

Ok so my boyfriend has this thing where he likes to run off with his friends and leave me. I always feel left out and that he's to good for me. What do I do?

I want to be straight, not Bi!

I want to be straight, not Bi!

I'm not going to get anywhere in life , so is there really a point of me? Being alive & using resources that other people that actually deserve it could use.

If Only she knew I loved her ... But I'm a girl and I can't tell her :/

I'm worried that my best FREIND don't care about me :(

I've been feeling really down lately, and I'm worried Im gonna do something I'll regret.

That in the summer my my friends family will see my scars when I'm invited to swim with them.

I can't open up to the social worker. I'm scared I'll hurt myself because I can't tell her how I feel.

i can't talk to anyone how i feel inside because i have trust problems and sacred they will judge who i really am. it's all building up inside and I'm soon not going to be able to take it anymore

I worry I won't be liked in high school I only have like 4 or 5 friends I hang out with in school and I wish I was like all the popular girls but I will never be one of the "popular girls"

About my family situation at home.

I've been with my girlfriend for about eight months the first month she showed a lot of affection towards me she knows that I love affection so when she sees that she's upset me she'll give me a compliment so she won't have to deal with me when I show affection to her she doesn't show affection to me so now it feels like a chore

Listen, I am suffering like that too. I know how you feel. I assume we are both going through a difficult time now but seriously, the cowards way out isn't the option you need to choose. There are plenty of people who care about you. I can give you my number if you ever need to call me.

I make my boyfriend worry over the things I say and it's really bugging me

My friends will find out that I'm weak

My dog is the only thing that's keeping me here.

I worry that my loved ones will die sometime soon, because I will never be ready for it.

I'm worried my best friend is going to kill themselves and I'm worried that they're gonna go and leave me and everybody and they're in too deep to help themselves anymore. they won't go to councilling anyways no matter what I do I can't help them and I'm scared to lose them and I'm so selfish saying that I'm the one that's gonna be in pain when it's not me it's them.

Why can't my life be over? I wish I could get a serious illness to die from, I don't want to have a painful death. I do not want to suffer. But then I feel selfish for all the individuals fighting for their lives, and for my family, but why couldn't they be happy for me and just say, "she's finally where she wanted to be" Six years, six years in and out of hospitals, off and on medications. Will my life always be like this? I don't want to cause pain to myself because I experience enough pain in my everyday life, that's why I want it to end. Will an overdose make me suffer?

I worry about my relationship

I worry that I'm gonna be targeted when his suspensions over

I turn my head away when I pass any mirror, and I limit the amount of times I open my eyes in the shower. I want to cry when I see my reflection

That ill love my whole life feeling this way

I worry that I'm dragging everyone down with me and my problems

I worry I'm gonna have a hard time in high school

I'm scared the future is so unclear and it freaks the shit out of me. I don't have a real family anymore and it hurts

I met a guy online I like but I can't tell my parents :/

I left deviantart a few months ago and someone was impersonating me and messaging all my friends and making them mad at "me". One of my good friends was messaged by this person and my friend said she hated me, and basically that our entire friendship was a lie through her/his quite perfect teeth. I wish I could apologize and I did last night and told her the story, but she/he doesn't believe me.

I never dated or had a first kiss before its annoying

My family is scared for me and I understand. But the ways my mom tries to help makes things worse. I know she will never understand but it frustrates me so much. She makes me feel belittled a patronized, like I'm a kid not to be trusted alone for 5 minutes.

That I'm too far for help

I worry that my dark thoughts will eventually become a reality. I experienced a very traumatic childhood. I was sexually assaulted by a 33 year old when I was only 12 years old, he had done that 4 times in the one night. I live with a deep regret that I never done the right thing, I feel that I should have stopped it from happening the first time. I was scared and felt so alone. I never quite understood what was going on completely as I was 12 at the time. I endured such a long court process. It took 3 years for it to actually proceed. It was a hard thing to agree to, I had to get up in court and tell people I barely know my story, my secret. After I told my story it just became harder, the defends attorney made me feel like an idiot, she twisted my words and made me feel weak. I had the same VSC for 3 years and then she left, she couldn't take on my case anymore. I feel like whenever I trust someone they walk away. My father was very upset when I told him what happened. He was mad that I didn't tell him right away, he took it very hard as it was his best friend who done it. I needed him the most after it happened but he experienced depression leaving me to figure out my problems by myself. I never had a mother figure in my life and I was dependent on my dad. He wasn't there. Nobody was. Nobody understands. He don't know how it feels to constantly feel alone, empty, and worthless. I need someone. My dreams are getting bad, I have seen me kill myself in over 10 ways through my dreams. I feel like nobody hears me. Like I'm invisible. Like I can't escape the dangers of my mind. I need to be heard.

I worrie about my marks and not to long ago my mom got mad at me from one of them and I'm still getting the lectures about how I have to do good in school

what worries me is being judged. I feel like no matter what I say if do someone always has to mock me, tease me or pick at me. they think it's alright I guess I kinda play it off as cool. but it really bothers me and sometimes I wonder why I'm even friends with them.

I'm worried that my scars will cause people to judge me.

I'm worried I'll be pressured into something I don't want to do.

I'm the fat one out of my group of friends. I hate that they always look so good in everything they wear, and I just look like a fat blob. They're really supportive and always tell me I'm not fat, and sometimes I believe them but then I look in the mirror. I am so self conscious of everything that I wear. I just feel like I'm not good enough. I'm really trying to lose weight, and then something goes wrong and I eat a lot. But then I feel so bad after eating, I think I might have an eating disorder.

I left school early for the past couple of days and people are saying that things about me. I hadn't shared what was going on with anyone at school yet people are saying I'm "faking depression" . The only thing that was visible was me scratching myself out of stress. Not Huge scratches or anything just scratching in the same little spot, and a scab would be there. My hands just looked a little rough, it makes me worry what other things people say behind my back.

My religion making life harder when it's supposed to do the opposite. I worry all the time whether I'm dissapointing or hurting God because of rough patch I'm going through.

I'm worried my friends aren't really my friends. I'm paranoid it's all some big joke and they actually hate me. I trusted them with so much I feel as if I'm annoying and the person everyone kinda tolerates to be around.

My parents saw my scars and told me to grow up out of it and stop being a baby. They don't even know or care about what's going on in my life.

I have a girlfriend right now, but I think I'm falling for another girl... I love my current girlfriend, like I really really care about her but I don't know if I want to still be in a relationship with her or this other girl I'm falling for. I'm a lesbian by the way. See my girlfriend right now lives across the province from me and the girl I'm falling for is in my school. I just don't like long distance relationships. What should I do? I'm totally lost and I dot know what to do.

I worry when the summer comes and I start wearing shorts people around me will notice the scars on my legs

I'm worried that I'll never get back to myself again

This is for every one who Self harms If you use blades fill a container up with water and put your blades inside then please freeze it but if you can flush yor blades because you deserve better if you freeze your blades then next time you will have to wait until they unfreeze and while you wait just think about this you are amazing and perfect even if some people in the world can't see that Sucidal Please don't kill yourselves not today,not tomorrow, not in three weeks You where put on this planet for a reason and you can find someone to talk to Eating Disorder Please don't ever worry about your weight Your still pretty/handsome I know sometimes it can be hard but just ignore the haters and find some one who cares not about your weight but about what is inside Depression I know it can be hard and you feel like you will never be happy again but you will please only use safe ways to be happy like talking or listening to music take a break and focus on how epic you are

I sicken myself. I'm repulsed by my appearance, and I really just want to like myself.. Even a little.

I'm worried of what they'll think

That I'll never be able to face my fears....

I suffer from anxiety on a daily basis.. I'm only 13 years old and I think it's so unfair to have to cancel plans with my friends and not go shopping with my mom just because of my anxiety, I'm only 13 and i can't do the things a 13 year old should do. The hardest part of it all is school, I hate going to sleep because I know I have to go to school in the morning and be terrified the whole day, none of my friends truly know how ban it has gotten so there fore they can't help. I make a trip to the guideness conculier once a week but that doesn't really help :( I feel like I'm trapped in a body that kills me mentally and I can't do anything about it :(

I felt so excited when I received my pre acceptance letter for college! But neither of my parents show any interest in it, I feel like I'm not receiving any support from them and they keep putting worries into my head about how hard it's gonna be. I feel as if I don't know what I want anymore.

Basically my life consists of this big mystery illness. Constantly nauseous and vomiting, but no other signs of any kind of sickness. Some doctors wanna tell me it's my anxiety and panic attacks, but some other doctors (like my psychiatrist) are completely against that idea, and are positive that is not it. I used to make myself puke to get rid of water weight, which was fine because I was in control, but not it's completely out of my hands. In hospital every other day, ambulances, being admitted Abe never leaving with an answer to this mystery that has ruined my life so profoundly, but has also helped in a way. Last time I weighed myself is when I got admitted this week, it's been several days since I've got to check again. I'm anxious. I don't wanna eat and vomit, I don't wanna eat and blow up and get even fatter because I haven't been able to eat in so long while in hospital. My weight on the hospital scale was 61kg, that's scares me. I want to get better but I don't want to get fat, my mind and body are telling me two different things. When I'm extremely sick I find myself miserable, sometimes I'll even pray to make it stop, I'm not religious but it gives me hope. But then when I feel better, I just find myself trying to find ways to keep loosing weight, nothing works as effectively as the puking so sometimes I even find myself wishing to get sick again. I know that sounds selfish and it's not the hospital attention I want, I just wanna be thin. And beautiful. I just want skinny. Light as a feather, skinny as a rail. I want to BE skin and bones. And it's tearing my life apart..

Lately I haven't been eating as much as I should. I don't eat breakfast, and I don't eat snacks anymore. I can eat but one of the reasons that I'm not eating is because of my self body image. I haven't been eating large portions and sometimes I fight the growling in my stomach and pretend it feels good to be hungry so that I can get through it. Today in class I was so hungry that I felt dizzy. Is this an eating disorder? And if so should I talk to someone about it? Please like this if you agree to my questions. It would help a lot.

Ever wonder why the Greek god Atlas was held with the burden of holding the world up alone? There are 2 stories about him, the first saying that he was punished to hold up the world, the second saying that he was given the responsibility to hold the world up. What if Atlas really represents all of us working together, and you get to choose if that's a punishment or a responsibility! Well I'll choose it as a responsibility and say that we will work together as one, but as one we are many

I am a disgrace. My parents are disappointed in me. I can't do anything right. I messed up a lot.

I worry that everyone will know

I worry that everyone will know

I'm so worried that I'll be alone forever. I'm always everyone's second choice and it makes me feel pathetic and unworthy of a relationship

That no one will ever love me and I'll be alone forever and never find the one guy for me. That I will never be good enough

I worry that my life will never regain its once positive nature. After I was traumatized immensely I could no longer describe how I felt because I was so unsure. Now I know my feeling and it's empty. I can't feel anything because I'm empty. I worry that I will always feel empty and that my negativity will influence the people I care about.

I worry that my life will never regain its once positive nature. After I was traumatized immensely I could no longer describe how I felt because I was so unsure. Now I know my feeling and it's empty. I can't feel anything because I'm empty. I worry that I will always feel empty and that my negativity will influence the people I care about.

It's pretty hard when your parents are divorced and your father is that good of a father!

I'm 16, and I feel like I don't want to live anymore. I'm at my breaking point. I've been depressed, or so I think I am, for about a year and a half now and no one believes me when I tell them about it. My parents just say that I'm "over dramatic" but in reality, I know I'm not and I know that I am actually depressed just by the type of things that run through my head throughout a day. The things that I think about scare me, and I don't like having these thoughts. I've self harmed and my mom found out, threatened to bring me to an institute if I didn't stop. Although I stopped, I still have urges to cut and I don't know how to make them stop because I'm terrified that I'm gonna give in and do serious damage one day.

My anxiety is controlling my whole life.

I'm worried I won't get into university. Everybody thinks I'm a genius, But I find school so hard

I'm worried that my friends secretly hate me.

I'm worried I'm unlovable

I worry everyday about having to talk or read in class I have bad anxiety of talking in front of classmates and I get really embarrassed easy idk what to do

I'm worried that I will never go back to the person I was before. I feel like I've been so terrible lately and I just feel like I'm such a disappointment. I miss who I was before, and I hate who I've become.

I had a problem with people around me at school tell me that my father didn't want me has his son and what I said it's didn't madder what I say because none isn't going to listen too me and even sometime the teacher it's making fun of me the way I talk spelling and playing music and I don't know what to do I'm afraid to get help because I would get laughs at by others.

I worry that I won't survive long enough to graduate.

So I realized high school tougher then I thought the friends I had in grade 6 now in grade 10 all turned there back rumours lied to back talk making fun I have no one to depend on anymore only my family I want like someone to be around in school not sit in the corner by myself and no even says good morning or hello I always think it because of my problems ADHD autism assburger OCD picking disorder anxiety disorder I always blame it on them I just feel like no one there and according to my parents I'm always in a ready to fight mood not actually fight like talk back I don't know what to,do does anyone else find high school hard I never did weed or smoked no drugs nothing like that I have to take prescriptions suscibed by my doctor everyday and when I graduate I'm still not gonna be old enough to drink but everyone gets wasted on grad I just really want to know if people are feeling the same way and I've liked this guy in my class 2 of them if one has a girlfriend I wouldn't mind the other but every boy is either basketball skidoo bmx trikes all that aparaently me and my friend or was I don't know she won't really tell me that we are the only girls who havent had sex why would you want that if you loved that person a lot sure it's like if my friend is around the class she a b_ _ _ _ but when were with the all the girls in volleyball she so nice I don't know would like to know if people are experiencing this to

I worry constantly that I can't live up to the expectations of my parents.

I worry that I will never be able to become a actress when I'm older because I have panic attacks when I get in front of class to speak but I really want to be a actress and I want to get over my anxiety so I can follow my dreams I never used to be scared to go in front of class until this year

I really like this girl in my class and i think she likes me but im not sure. How do i know if she likes me or not?

I worry about my ex boyfriend. he told me when we broke up that he will always love me and he said he wanted to give our relationship another try but it was right at the moment. he now had moved onto another girl and I don't know what happening. I can't ask him anything because we don't talk anymore. I still really love him and I can't tell my friends because I am afraid of what they will say.

I'm starting to question my sexuality. I don't think I'm striaght anymore and I'm not atracted to any gender that much. It's starting to worry me badly, I'm not afraid of what my sexuality might me, I'm afraid of what others might think of me.

I stress about school so much that I want to cry. when I remember I have work I haven't done i get overwhelmed and I just put it off.

I'm worried that I won't be the person I am anymore. The past few days have been rough. I just don't feel like myself.

Everybody says that in the quiet one, I should talk more, I'm the shy one, but they don't know why. When I try to talk to some of my friends ignore me, when I'm talking someone interrupts me but... I love just hanging out with my 5 best friends! They're my life! ( besides family and school) when I'm sad they're there when I'm mad or happy or whateve. how can I get people to not think that I'm not a shy person?

I'm worried that ill never get better and someday things will just get so bad that ill give up on everything

That I'm loosing my best friend

It may seem stupid, for I know there are many problems out there much worse than mine, but I'm worried that my boyfriend's parents don't like me. We've been together almost a year and I hold the upmost respect for them but I still feel unwelcome. It's only started to become a problem in the last 3 months. Before that, I was treated like another family member, while he's one of the family at my house, I don't feel like apart of his family. We love eachother very much but this constantly weighs my concious down as I've no idea why it's happening.

Ive been very upset and Depressed when i got bullied

Me and my boyfriend have been together for quite awhile now, but I just don't feeling anything anymore . I'm thinking of breaking up with him but I'm afraid that I'll just loose him to other girls forever !! What do I do ?

I'm scared that my stepmom might get violent with me and I feel really scared around her but I don't want my dad to know because he's really happy with her and I'm scared I might screw up their relationship and my dad might hate for it but I am really scared when I'm around her and I really think he should know and my psychologist had to call child services or something and now I am really on edge because he will aventually know and I don't want him to get mad because I love him

My boyfriend is 2 years older than me and I'm really worried that he likes someone else because he hasn't been talking to me often and he claims not to use his phone much, but whenever he bothers to actually hang out with me he's always on his phone. I'm worried and I miss him. :'(

I'm I will never get over my fears.

I'm worried I will be a Loner forever.

My boyfriend flirts with other people but Denys that he does when I talk to him about it and I'm scared I'm going to lose him.

What will life be like in a year? Will I be happy? Or even deeper into this dark place?

I should start of my saying I am 16 year old girl with boyfriend troubles and I need help and guidness. Ok, so my boyfriend is transsexual, therefore, he wants to be a girl, but still likes girls. We've been dating almost a year now. Though, I found out a month ago he has been talking to this guy pretending to be a girl. I was incomfotbale about it, but I understood, and asked him to stop. But after a month I found oute was still doing it. Flirting and Turing this guy on. He sad also sent fake pictures of a girl to pass off as himself. I asked him; Q1: "why did you break your promise?" Ans.: "I forgot" This isn't uncommon for him because he doesn't have the best memory and I ud rest and that but if it comes to a point he's moemeoey affect our relationship, I have every right to be mad, right? Q2: "Why did you cheat on me?" AMS.: "Cheating? I never considered it like that. I wasn't being myself, it was a 'Costume'." This is considered cheating! Plus this is who he wants to be on the inside, a girl! So it is him! Q3: "Why a guy?" Ans.: "Thought it would hurt you less." I asked this to see why a guy, though cheating is cheating, I just thought he liked girls. He keeps saying he does not like him, but I don't know. And plus, he technically admitted he cheated! Q4: "Why did you make the conversation sexual?" Ans.: "So I can be a tease like you. I can never tease you because you have better control than me., so I decided to get pay back this way." First off I should say, my boyfriend has issues with controlling he's sexual desires, so he ends up trying to do stuff to me without 'trying'. And I do tease him playfully, but the way he said it, it was cruel in my opinion. Ok before I say the finally Question I asked I should explain that he has "accidently" started dating this guy. Q5: "Why did you start dating him yesterday?" Ans.: "Because I felt bad for the guy, plus it was an accident. I said something with 'your girl' in it and he thought I agreed to go out with him." Funny how he cares more about what the guy feels instead of me. He always does that, he cares more about he's image and what he's friend think than my own feelings sometimes. That just such a stupid excuse anyway. See my true problem is I love him too much to let him go, but I'm not into girls. Plus, my biggest fear is that one day, matter having a family, I'll wake up with him gone. Him Running off with a man and leaving me. That's if we actually last that long of course. But you see my point. I need help..

Sometimes it's so hard to "like" these worries, when they're so sad. If you get a like on your worry, it isn't about someone being happy that you're sad. It's someone saying "I understand". You're never alone. Share your worries here and you'll never know who might be feeling the same way.

Every day feels Like its getting harder to handle. I'm Always sad and not even my best friend can make me feel better. I miss when I was young and carefree

K I'm sorry but what the hell is the point of this worry jar? You write down your problems where nobody can hear you but random people will read your problems and that won't solve your problems so what is the point?

I think my boyfriend don't love me bit he likes another girl besides me

That I'm not perfect enough for him & he's gonna leave me for someone else .. :'(

I'm completely in love with my boyfriend we have been together 3 years now and I'm scared he's cheating and going to leave me for someone else.. Helpp?

Every day I get a message saying how ugly I am and how I do not deserve to be here, guess I kinda agree I don't know why I'm here, I pretend I'm okay when really I can loose my mind at any point I don't even know what to do

All my friends have boyfriends/ girlfriends and I don't... I don't think I'll ever get one because who would like a girl like me? Depressed. Anxious. Self harms. Cares too much. I'm just afraid I'll be alone forever...

I'm tired of feeling alone. Especially in rooms full of people. I feel alone all the time. Like I have nobody.

I don't want my parents to see my scars. I'll have to explain stories and explain how I fought battles with myself because I'm struggling. They just won't understand...

I'm worried my boyfriend is cheating , he's messaged his ex and flirted a lot he says he loves me but I don't know. Makes me feel terrible.i have friends that don't help, always on drugs or whatever I always feel lonely and I'm just back in school. I don't speak with my parents cry often no one knows the struggle. I hope things get better soon.

I saw cuts on my friend's arm

That people will treat me differently if they found out I had an eating disorder. My nan treats me differently and I hate it.

My best friend and I get in fights sometimes and she gets really rude. Whenever I try to confront her or talk about it she avoids me. So we never work out or problems and she refuses to talk about anything or be wrong so everything keeps building up and I can't handle it. She always makes it out to be my fault when It rarely is! I just don't know what to do anymore.

My best friend and I get in fights sometimes and she gets really rude. Whenever I try to confront her or talk about it she avoids me. So we never work out or problems and she refuses to talk about anything or be wrong so everything keeps building up and I can't handle it. She always makes it out to be my fault when It rarely is! I just don't know what to do anymore.

Everything I do is never good enough for my parents. They say they appreciate all the cleaning and hard work I do to keep the balance of our family, but if I make one small mistake I get ridiculed. They will bring up all my flaws and compare me to my sister and friends. I try so hard but I can never do anything right.

My sister has bullied me my whole life and she constantly makes me feel so small. I live in her shadow and she has something to say about everything I do. I try to avoid her but she won't leave me alone. She's so cruel to me everyday and pressures me Into things, She makes me hate myself and I can't do anything about it.

I'm a third wheel to my two best friends and I'm worried they like eachother more. This has happened to me before, my friends ended up ditching me and bullying me and I had no friends. I'm so scared it's going to happen again.

That my depression and anxiety will get in the way of what I really want in life.

I'm beginning to think I'm bisexual what should I do Also I only get attracted to people I have a close relationship with That's demisexual And if I am I don't think my parents will aprov especially my dad he might get angry at mom because when something goes wrong he blames it on her And I'm scared HELP?!

I really like this guy in my class but he has fallen head over heels for a different girl But me and him are friends And aye says now days I'm mean to him But he teases me And today he was making a joke about some thing I do with my hands and pretty soon the entire class was laughing And I try to be nice to him but every time he obsesses over this other girl my heart breaks a little more I try to be nice but he is the reason I'm sad I feel like I will never be good or pretty enough ever Because I'm not pretty or popular and the girl he likes is and I cried while writing this I'm just so sad

Okay , so I've always been a little chubby I know that but recently with the stress of school and trying to moniter my every move so that I'll fit in with the people I like, the pressure is getting to me and I turn to one thing that makes it Better , food. Yea I know this sounds extremely pathetic but it's like a drug and I can't break free. My desire to be thin and to be fit is very strong but by need to indulge in little pieces of happiness gets to me every time. It starts out with stress and then I turn to the food which then Inturn makes me happy for a short period of time, but after I feel so gross and I know it's not helping my problem and it's making it worse and then I spiral down into a pit of worrys and horror. So as usually when I'm faced with these situation I indulge. This probably sounds crazy but it's a vicious cycle that is impossible to get out of. I need to stop for my physical health and my mental health cause it's affecting my brain so much to the point I don't wanna leave my house with out wanting to just wear a garbage bag. But I can't and I need help. This is an eating dissorder. No it's not the way you would usually think of an eating disorder to be , but it is and I know I need help but I don't know where to start.

my family doesn't know how to deal with my depression and anixety so they pretend I don't have it and I let them

I worry that my boyfriend will move on to another girl

I'm really upset all he time and I hear voices lately... I'm scared there's something wrong with me and I think I need help. But my mom doesn't seem like she wants to hear it or ever believe me so I'm scared to ask for help, mainly because I know I won't get any...

That I'll never live up to my expectations

That I shall never truly conform to the ideas and expectations placed upon this society by the monster that keeps everyone poor and many of us unhappy- societal conventions and the crushing pressure of the vast and inescapable capitalist behemoth to which we are enslaved.

I worry that i'm a little overly obsessed with my boyfriend , i love him so much that a small fight gets me so stressed, I can't concentrate on anything, it's like i crave him and he us my drug to happiness. Is this normal?

Everyone who told me they wouldn't leave, keep leaving. I am sick of feeling so insignificant.

I'm worried the boy I like will replace me

That I'll always be unhappy with myself

My friends will see my scars

I'm afraid my parents won't understand just how depressed and stressed I am. I don't want them to get mad

I'm worried that in Junior High my friends will go off with someone else and forget about me , I have good friends but im afraid they will forget about me and push me out of there life

I feel like people are always making me feel bad, a lot of the time I'm called..... Shorty, Twig ...

I'm worried about junior high

I really like someone but they hate me if I would tell my friends they would make fun of me

I wish I had friends who actually would care about me and listen instead of egnoaring everything I say and do in my life........why my life

i get worried about a lot of stuff to the point where it makes me physically sick, then i worry about getting sick

I Crossdress, and a possible transgender, and bisexual, if my parents find out, i will be disowned because they are really religious, this has caused me to be Depressed/Axeot What do I do I can't ask to get help, I tried to before and I got grounded for 2 months

I'm new to all this... my mom made me download the bridges app... it kinda helps tbh. Stay strong.

My mom dosent like my boyfriend at all.. Because he is older. But hes a really sweet guy and i love him so much. My dad hates him but he dosent even know we date yet.. So i'm afraid im going to lose him..

I wish these migraines would just leave me alone...

My friend and I don't really connect as much as we used to. I don't want to loose them but at the same time I don't know if I want them in my life anyway.

I'm worried that I'll never find anyone... No friends... No boyfriend because every guy that I ever dated left me because my anxiety and p.t.s.d. Was to much...and im bisexual and I'm scared to tell anyone... Cuz I'm scared they will make fun of me :(

I don't think one of my friends likes me very well... I have this weird feeling that he secretly hates me for some reason, even though I didn't do anything

How do I tell my parents I'm gay?

I am so sad all the time it's got to the point that in physically sick

I like my friend ... But she's a girl ... And no one knows yet

Im worried i will neber be good enough for any one.. that every one will be better of with out me. Im worried that no matter what i do it will never be right.

I worry that my parents will never understand how depressed I really feel

Letting my parents down

I overthink and cause extra worries that might not even happen.

That no guy will ever love me

I feel like I can't handle this anymore I wanna die but I can't do it myself

That I'll be a "loner" forever.

My friend is constantly bringing himself down because of his body shape and is not doing anything not even leaving his own room.

I'm failing a class. I study and make notes but I just fail the test. I can't remember anything and I'm really stressed out.

FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THEY AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH: Take it from someone who knows, Don't think that just because you aren't beautiful or you are poor or whatever that you aren't good enough. It's not about how much $$$$ you have (or don't have) or about if you look good. ITS ABOUT WHO YOU ARE INSIDE, IN THE HEART.

I have no friends.... I'm just so alone

I feel so alone and I really don't know what to do

I worry that my parents are going to move our family to a new town so my dad can get a better job and I won't be able to make new friends because I already can't make friends in the town I live now

I wish that I could help all of you, but I suggest that if you need to talk to someone or if you need help with something that you call a facility in the list of numbers. These people can help you. It's your first step to feeling happy and better, and it helps. Everything will be ok.

I think my friends exclude me from all of their conversations

I worry about the worries. I worry about the people who worry about the worries. Please people only worry about the things you can change.

That I just moved here and my anixety is getting worst again..

I'm the fat friend...

I worry that every single one of you reading this don't realize that I LOVE YOU. There is always someone that can relate to your problems, even if it's hard to believe. Hang in there everybody. My close friend lost his life to suicide and depression. You may forget this sometimes but people DO care about you. Be strong

I'm worried that I'll never feel happy again

Sometimes I honestly think that if I killed myself, everything would get better. Then I worry about how everyone else would react. Sometimes I think they wouldn't care and other times I do. It just confuses me and I don't know how to handle it!

My grades are dropping so much... I try so hard but it's not good enough

That I'm only one step away from killing myself. I burn myself for the sake of "make everyone stop bullying you" but it just never works. -MasterDeity

I'm worried the only friends in have left are gonna leave and I won't have anyone

My dad is going to work away and it is the first time in 15 yrs what will I do without a dad

i worry im not good enough

I'm worried I'll end up with no friends..

I think I might be Demisexual, but I have no idea how to come out when the time comes.... My school is bad enough with gay jokes- how would I explain Demisexuality?

I sometimes worry about my best friend..... I think she might get an eating disorder.

I'm in love with someone that doesn't even know I exist

I'm almost 200 pounds and I'm 5'10. Being really tall in a junior high where girls will tear you up about the way you look sucks!!! I'm socially anxious and depressed! I feel like a social outcast even though I have many friends!! Ugh! My life is a living hell.

I'm over weight and really tall! I hate coming to school because this one guy in my class makes fun of me. I hate going out in public and I get socially anxious. I am really depressed and school is stressing me out! I feel like such an outcast even though I have so many friends. Ughhhh!

So me and my boyfriend broke up about a couple weeks ago and now I'm dating a girl..I found out I'm bisexual and everyone knows. I went back too school for the first time in a month and everyone was just staring at me the hole day, I ended up going home with a anixtey attack. I can't handle it, my meds ain't working and I just feel so out of place. But I love my girlfriend and she helps me so does a couple of my friends. Idk what too do if I tell them I start cutting again..

My best friend has this girl that has his eye on. I told him to go after her and he did and I think she likes him too but lately he's been really distant with me and I know I shouldn't be jealous but I can't lose him. He's one of the only bit of happiness I have in life and he barely even talks to me anymore. I have no point in living if we stop being friends

I'm self harming and its getting worse and worse. I've attempted suicide four times and I want to get better but I can't and nothing helps I don't know what to do I can't live this life anymore :/ I wanna kill myself.

I'm worried that y'all are going to get pressured into doing something you don't want to do. Just remember that taking time for yourself isn't selfish- We've always been taught to make others happy, but if we're making ourselves miserable in the process, it's not worth it. Take care of yourselves, my lovely cinnamon rolls~

I am worried that with all the people complaining to you, with (EG) "omg so ands smith said that I looked like I changed my weight by one pound like oh my god" while real people are dealing with physical bullying, and have it far worse, (even though everyone complains about something important to them) than the people that complain for the sake of it. I can relate to the fact of bullying!!

I am worried that with all the people complaining to you, with (EG) "omg so ands smith said that I looked like I changed my weight by one pound like oh my god" while real people are dealing with physical bullying, and have it far worse, (even though everyone complains about something important to them) than the people that complain for the sake of it. I can relate to the fact of bullying!!

This is less so a worry and more of a hope for the future. To anyone who is struggling i want you to know that you are beautiful , amazing, strong people and you will overcome these difficulties! I myself struggle with anxiety and depression and i know what it feels like to feel i have no purpose, but everyday i remind myself of the great things i have accomplished and the great things i will accomplish in the future. I am NOT a waste of space and i will continue to strive and to find new ways for myself and my peers to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves friends, and everyone deserves a support system. You all can and will accomplish amazing things!! You are amazing!! Dont forget that :)

My bf asked me to have sex..

My marks are getting really low and I'm studying and trying really hard but nothings working, then when I look back over my test I see that I made the simplest mistakes. The only reason most of my marks are 75 or more is because of assignments but what happens when teachers stop giving assignments?

I have a new sibling coming in August and I being the oldest daughter I have to do so much and school doesn't make it any better So stressed

I am a closeted lesbian and I have a crush on this girl I think she knows that I like her because she keeps making gay jokes when she's around me.

There are two boys that said I called another boy fat and made fun of him and the two boys told him and the boy who is "fat" punched me what do I do?

That when I turn 19 and I don't have acess to bridges or the janeway I'm just gonna relapse big time

Im gonna let depression take over and ill lose all my family and friends

I worry that I'll never be able to overcome my anxiety and it'll prevent me from doing amazing things in the future

I worry that I'll never be able to get over my old group of friends who I forced myself to walk away from because they didn't treat me with the love and respect I gave them, and it'll be a huge weight I'll have to carry on my shoulders forever

Im worried that im gonna hurt myself and my family

That I'll never feel like me again.

I worry that if I try to get help with my anxiety my friends and family will say "get over it" "just calm down" and that it's not a real problem

My boyfriend broke up with me today. And it sucks. I've been 6 months free from cutting but those urges are there. But I'm so unsure of anything and everything. I'm worried about myself.

Im scared of pushing my best friend away. Ive started picking out her flaws. I cant help it. And i dont want to, all she does it complain.

Im worried i wont graduate high school

I'm worried for university and the next few steps in my life, I'm worried for what my future holds

I used to be so smart in high school, now I'm in university and I'm dealing with anemia, and epilepsy. I feel like I'm going to pass out and get bad headaches everyday. I work really hard on my school work but sometimes I just feel like my health problems prevent me from putting my total attention on it. I failed two midterms, the first two tests I ever failed in my life, and I'm just so afraid that I won't pass the courses. I worry I'm not smart enough.

I've been self-harming for 3 years, and I've been clean for almost 4 months, and I've recently been craving to do it again... any advice on how to deal with the urges

I worry that all my friends will stab my back one day for no reason and just leave me... Alone. And everyone will just forget about me.

I worry, that all of us who have worries, big and small will never relize how we are helping each other by admitting our worries. I just read ALL of the worries, and it helped me. Now I truely relize that when people say that they have worries too, they really do. Everyone of us does, and those who appear not to, do. they are just so worried that what they fear, what they worry about is not a normal thing to fear or worry or people will judge them because of it. I have gond through a lot. And I know for a fact everyone else has to! We are not all worrieing about the same thing but some of us are. Everyone's situation is different. But some are similar, and I truly think that if we can look at the worry jar, as a place where we everyone putting out their worries and saying they can't deal with it. Well they don't say the first step to fixing a situation is saying there is one for nothing! I worry we don't all relize this. I didn't.

I miss the old me. Anxiety really sucks

I'm in a controlled relationship, were we both have a bad substance abuse history and still do. I don't know anymore if its love or lust.

I am a perfectionist straight A overachiever. I am extremely stressing about the possibility of failing to the point I have developed a stress related pain disorder rsd. Worried about the possibility of failing, my rsd spreading and how my friends will react to me having this. I'm mainly stressed because I'm different!

I'm worried I am going to hurt myself

I'm worried about my dads heart surgery its his 5 time

I wonder and think.. Will I win this battle?

Wonce i graduat i will forever be alone

My parents are more busy with their new partners they don't give me any attention I'm sinking further away from them everyday It hurts ... Thought they loved me more

I feel like all my friends secretly talk about me

I'm scared people are lying about me being a good singer

I can sing in front of a lot of people but I can't do public speaking :/

Why this app doesn't have any information on gender identity....

My boyfriend won't accept me when I come out to him as trans. Im afraid he'll break up with me because he wouldn't want a boyfriend.

That my parents won't accept me when/if I ever come out as a transboy, or an athiest. We always argue because they don't want their only daughter to be a boy because I asked to cut my hair. I wish they'd understand the burning hatred I have for my body and femininity.

I hate everything about myself. I was anorexic for four years and I self harmed for ten years (I'm 16). I've tried to kill myself upwards of 70 times. I'm pretty much fully recovered but I still have severe anxiety and depression. I'm so insecure I'm fearful of relapsing.

that when I graduate, my boyfriend will go away and find someone better while I'm still here struggling to get up everyday

I hate my thighs.

I'm in love with someone who has a girlfriend. He gives me butterflies anyway.

I'm worried that when my parents and pets die I'm not going to be able to hold on to Iife, but you just have to hold on, right?

I'm worried that the person who I like don't like me back and it's holding me back in school

I'm worried like I'm still being used by guys... :(

I worry that i can't leave my boyfriend because i dont want him feeling like how i do. But, sometimes I want to because he calls me down to the dirt

I've been bullied basically since I started school. I just never truly realized it until around grade 4 or 5. Back then I only thought people who weren't my friends were bullying me. But just last year (Grade 10) I realized my best friends were my biggest bullies. They put me down. Made jokes at my expense. Ditched me. Ran off on me with my stuff at the mall. So I took it upon myself to end my friendship with them. But now I have anxiety because I'm still bullied. I have no friends in my class or school as a matter of fact. I'm lucky I have stuff on at every lunch because the two days I don't are hell. I've had anxiety attacks at school and at home but I don't want to tell my parents because I think that they'll just get mad at me for it.

My bestfriends and my parents hate the guy I'm in love with. We're broken up right now but we wanna get back together, I just don't know what to do about my parents and friends because I really do love him and I want to be with him.

I've been cutting for over 4 years, I keep trying and trying to stop but I just simply can't. I let my best friend down so many times, I feel like a failure...

Everyone says my boyfriend deserves better than me, I know it isn't true but everyone saying it is really making it seem true

I want to be closer to my parents but they don't have time for me anymore

I think I have an anxiety issue but I'm not sure These panic attacks happen a lot so It must be anxiety

I'm plus size..... No guy would ever want me

Everyday I worry about my sIze and being bigger than the other girls, It's making my confidence ALOT worse everyday Why can't I just be skinny ?

I can't take another day of all of this that's going on in my life I wish my parents would understand how Important I am to them

I'm worried that my friends are turning into bad people and soon I'm going to end up hurt.

I'm afraid that no one likes me

I keep thinking about the past , it's killing me

I just worry about the simplest things I'm just not myself anymore And I will never be

I have really bad teeth and I am very over weight. I have really bad anxiety because of this and I get so nervous to the point where I break down and cry. I'm losing all of my so called "friends" because of my anxiety and my overall appearance. I am afraid I may never find a good friend to tell all of my problems too. I hope my new councillor will help me cope.

I'm the biggest person in my class and I get treated different...I'm also really shy which doesn't help

I need to talk to someone...but who?

I'm just scared I will have a panic attack anywhere for no reason

The baby project for school is just making me panic even more

I am afraid that my depression is coming back. It took so much effort to be rid of it, but I can feel it creeping back in settling right into my bones, I don't want to go back to that dark place.

This past January I was told I was depressed, from a chemical imbalance in my brain. It didn't start that way there is a whole story how it has gotten to this point. but I don't know how to explain to make things sound simple, but the thing is depression is not simple and I can't explain to others to make them understand. Some days are harder than others and I miss a lot of school sometimes and I don't know what to tell my friends so I just say I'm sick, they think I fake because I come to school fine the next day. It's hard hiding apart of you from the rest of the world.

I can't stop thinking about ending my life. Every night when I close my eyes I see myself with a noose around my neck. I don't know how to fix this

I hate my anxiety. I refuse to take my meications because they make me feel like a zombie and thats not who I wannt to be. A dra is my medicine.. it helps me do my daily activities not completly anxiety - less but I feel myself . I worry that my anxiety will never go away I strugle every morning to get up and I always wake up crying for no reason. If I have a dra im able to pull myself together, I dont like to be dependent on it but its what helps me best and I worry that ill never be able to just wake up with a smile for once and go on about my day without it. I dont ever crave for it but when im depressed or anxious I cant calm down without it and im so easy to trigger into being anxious or depressed because my mind is always so jumble with memories and I take everything to heart. Its so hard to juggle everything in my life. Eveyday is another obtscle to set me back a step

Doctors prescribing OxyContin has ruined the life of the person most important to me. I feel like I've lost everything to drugs

Forever alone

My dad yells at me for no reason at all and then makes up excuses for yelling... And if that isn't bad enough he tells me I should treat him better... He just honestly makes me not wanna live... :(

I won't be able to live my life normally because or Anxiety and Depression.

I'm worried I'm falling in love with someone who is gonna hurt me

I worry that one day, the guy who swore he would hurt me will actually find a way to do it.

I worry that my friend and I do not have a lot in common and because of this our friendship will not work in the long run. She the only one that I have and I do not know what I would do without her

That my depression will win...


I've been bullied since I was 4 and I still don't know how I can deal with it.... Can anyone help me? (Physical, and Verbal Bullying) Please help me, its starting to get even worse.

I'm scared to trust because everyone who I loved secretly didn't love me, and they all left

I worry that all of you don't realize how awesome you truly are! Xoxox

I'm worried that I'm going to commit suicide because I hate myself and my friends hate me too.

My pop died today

I'm worried I'll never have a relationship, I'm worried I'm not attractive enough

Im worried my social anxiety is going to be the reason I fail this summer

I worry that I will end up with no friends

I'm not good enough for my boyfriend

Im worried because my best friend was in a fight with a girl that I try to be friends with but she just hates me and she says I "p" her off but I have been so nice and friendly towards her anyway they made up but I'm really scared that my best friend will forget about me and I'm scared she won't talk to me As much as she usually does and That things will go back to how they were a week ago :(

I feel like I'm not strong enough to live anymore but I feel like I'm not strong enough to kill me.

My parents are always swearing on me... I honestly feel like I get bullied home more then i ever was at school or somewhere.... I enjoy leaving the house for school or something, just to get away from them... They don't understand or care about me and I just don't know what to do.... I forgive them way to easily, and idk if that's a good or bad thing... Im just so confused, scared and sad.... This app helps me get my worrys out when I feel I have no one i can talk to about them.

I'm afraid to tell anyone about what my real gender identity might be. I'm just not ready. And my spiritual beliefs are so different and unconventional than most people's and there are a lot of people out there who actively pursue those who believe what I believe and it's really frightening.

I worry that no one will ever love me again

I worry that I'm trapped in my relationship because I don't want to hurt his feelings

I just want to die, there is literally no point of me. I'm a phony.

That my daughters shyness will prevent her from getting the most out of life

I worry that everything I do is wrong and when I do something right nobody realizes it

I worry about my friends. I am moved reading these worries. I'm glad they have this app to help them.

I'm worried my friend is hurting herself

my dad smokes. I'm worried that it is going to take his life

I try so hard at school and yet my parents think I'm such an idiot because I'm not getting 100 in every course

Before I go places I'm always anxious that I will get dizzy or overwhelmed while I'm there.

I'm afraid that my anxiety will be the thing that kills me.

I'm sick and tired of my parents telling me what cant say to them and then they turn around and say it all back to me! If they want me to treat them good, they should do the same to me!

I will be fatter then everyone else and be made fun of.

I'm worried about juggling my 2 part time jobs, appointments, homework and social life. I'm worried that all my friends are turning on me and talking behind my back. None of them text me back anymore.. I'm worried my parents will never let me take the steps to becoming more independent. Im 17 and all they care about is preventing me from driving more than 30 minutes away and not letting me sleep over to my long term boyfriends. Im mature and responsible to handle those things on my own but they'll still baby me like the way they do, but the moment I need help they're not there for me.

That I'm not good enough for my boyfriend

Im worried that i may lose my job

I have no friends the last time I had a friend over was over a year ago

people will never talk to me outside of school. I message people but they never seem to get back to me.

Me and my boyfriend broke up and I'm scared I won't be able to find someone to take to grad

I worry about if I tell my boyfriend I'm depressed, he will leave or tell everyone

I worry about my boyfriend, and if he will ever be happy again.

No one likes me

I can't do english I will fail the test and get the same answer you need to write more people think I am smart or stupid and I am but I have a hard time writing in pencils

I worry that my anxiety is going to be the thing that makes my boyfriend leave me.

I feel as if im the adult and my mothers the teenager. When it should be the pther way around.

I'm scared of growing up, I don't want to be alone.

That I'll never be able to escape fake messages telling me to kill myself

Everything is falling apart

Parent dying

Im Worried that, i will lose the only one i care about.

I have no friends life sucks right now

I just wish someone would invite me somewhere

I cry every night when will this be over?

My mom keeps at me to get a job, I'm just not emotionally ready yet , I will when I gain confidence and when I feel better

I feel like I'm just done with everything everyday is getting worse I'm so done I need help but don't know where to turn

Everyday I feel worse about myself

Everything just makes me more upset

I can't take another day of being sad :(

I don't have many friends it's just hard

My sexuality is confusing me ... I just want to figure it out already

My Ocd is taking over :/

I'm just not myself anymore :( I lost interest in everything

Every night I cry myself to sleep , what has gotten into me ?

Literally nervous about almost everything

I'm loosing confidence and it hurts :(

Im loosing all my confidence.., it feels terrible

My mom has new boyfriend I can't handle it anymore :(

I'm afraid that I will never get better, no matter how hard I try.

i won't make it through junior high...

My boyfriend broke up with me a day before valentines day, now I'm home all alone and depressed while my parents go out and so do all my friends....

I'm worried about all of you who leave comments. I wish I could help everyone one of you. Just remember someone out there cares :) :)

That people close to me will suddenly be gone

Missing school because of anxiety

I'm really worried about my grandmother

It's getting worse and half the time I don't even want to go out with friends anymore I'd rather just be alone

I feel like everything is slowly falling apart and there is nothing I can do

My mom is going through a really tough time with money and I'm really scared that we're going to loose our house. I don't want to move I with my grandparents and everybody at school will find out

My whole family calls me fat and they have given me a poor body image

I have anxiety

Im afraid im gonna relapse

Anxiety is taking over my life.

I worry that my girlfriend of 2 years is letting drugs control her life and quickly becoming a different person

I'm insecure about not being pretty enough or skinny enough

Me and my parents fight

I wanna die....... But........ I have a fear if dying

I worry that I'll never actually be happy and I'll never be able to be in a committed relationship with someone because my ex really fooled me up

I worry that my life is about to become way more complicated

My parents always yell at me

The only friends I have are the ones that make me feel bad about myself

My anxiety is getting worse and its keeping me from living life. Im missing my favorite things like figure skating, and even school. Its ruining my relationship with my friends and im scared. Im scared im gonna relapse because its already happened once and its to hard to hide from my parents.

My grades aren't good enough:( I'm afraid I won't graduate

I feel like I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life:(

I worry that I will be alone forever and will never find those close true friends I always wish I had..

I'm worried about every single person who has posted on this with their thoughts I wish I could be there for you all

People just assume you are lazy when your marks drop by more than 15% in school in not even 2 months, did you ever think i struggle with just trying to live and that comes before my marks?

I have no friends, I spend weekends alone and the last time I left my house was months ago and I had to tell my mom I didn't want to do anything for my birthday because The people I asked to spend my birthday with me made up excuses not to go

Failing high school

im just mad

I'm terrified I am going to be anxious like this for the rest of my life. I can't deal with this for the rest of my life, havinf anxiety is so exhausting.

That me being depressed will eventually cause all my friends to walk away

That it will never become easier to deal with all my mental problems

I worry about everything. I can't even make it to work 75% of the time :(

I'm worried that me and my boyfriend will split up and I'll be alone

Just when I start to feel better, the sadness comes back.

It feels like no matter how hard you try it's just not good enough

I feel like noone ever says nice things to me.

I'm worried I'll be alone all my life

I worry about people not likening me if they did out about my BPD

My Depression is going to win

I Feel Like Everything Is My Fault, Knowing That My Best Isn't Good Enough.

I'm worried that I'll start cutting again

People will hate me when they find out I cut

People who I thought were my friends left me when they found out I cut. I was left to fight this battle alone. I've made 2 new friends who I love so much sense then but I'm afraid I'll mess something up and loses them to:(

I didn't go to school yesterday because I ja a really bad anxiety attack and my mom didn't know and I started cutting again and my life suck I don't wanna be here anymore, Iam afraid she'll see my scars

It's funny, school teaches you what to do when you're on fire, but never what to do when you're whole life is up in flames....

What if my mom will never stop being an alcoholic.

I won't get to graduate

I like a boy who likes me back but he hasn't asked me out...

I worry about having to live up to my parents expectations. " Get 80%, 90%, and 100% in school, nothing less or else your grounded," "Graduate and go straight to university," "Become something great like a doctor," "Be happy, even though we always yell at you for not being good enough," "Eat healthy and be active," "Do all your homework even though you have a social life and I make you do a million other things in the run of a day," "Get enough sleep," "Never get mad," "Never yell back at us when we always yell at you," "Make friends, but not those ones because I don't like them," And the list goes on! I'm only a teenager! I can't be the perfect child like you want me to be!

My boyfriend will find someone better than me

That my parents will see my cuts..

I haven't been taking my anxiety and depression pills because my anxiety helps me study better and get better grades?

That I won't recover

that I will never find love. I'm never going to be skinny or pretty enough for anyone.

Work is stressing me out. It's nice to have extra money but having a job makes me feel really adult, and while that's good sometimes the idea of growing up scares me.

School and grades.

The end of the world.

I have so much stress just from school and social expectations and I don't know how to deal with it all

That I'll disapoint my parents and the people that believe in me

i worry that im just going to break down, give up, and do what ive been thinking about doing for a long long time

I messed up with the guy I like and now I think he hates me

I worry that if I fall in love he will see my scars or figure out how messed up I am in the head and leave me

I worry that my boyfriend will leave me because he likes another girl who loves him

I failed all my mid-terms

I can't go swimming with my friends or family becouse there are to many scars on my legs

I can't go swimming with my friends or family becouse there are to many scars on my legs

Failing school.

I worry that my anxiety will get even worse and cause me to fail in the real world like not being able to get a job or get married due to my awkwardness and lack of communication skills.

I worry that my anxiety will get even worse and cause me to fail in the real world like not being able to get a job or get married due to my awkwardness and lack of communication skills.

My recent severe anxiety is preventing me from living, accomplishing my goals, and enjoying life. I simply go through each day without actually living. I have no care for the things I love most. I cannot focus. I cannot concentrate. I fear I will fail school and become even worst because of it. The smallest things upset me. It is beginning to become a constant struggle to get out of bed every morning and I fear, some morning soon, I won't get up.

Feeling like I'm not worthy of anything anymore. I've lost all hope

That everyone will continue ignoring me.

That I'll never be noticed but always looked through by people as if I don't even exist, I'm just invisible.

that I'll be anxious for ever

My depression.

That no guy will ever like me

my scars will never fade

that this is as good as its going to get

My friend and I got into a fight because of my trust issues and he told me that he's extremely suicidal

I just wanna be happy again

I'm worried you'll leave me. You'll give up on me. Im never good enough. I don't deserve to be happy. I'm afraid to be alone.

That me and my girlfriend will keep falling apart and becoming more distant all because my parents can't stand our relationship. She makes me happy. But she's so busy and they purposely try to separate us. I miss spending time with her. I miss talking to her. She was the only person I could talk too and now I feel so alone.

eventually, I'll mess up so bad that I won't be able to fix it anymore.

I am worried that no one cares and loves me...

Will my mom freak if I tell her I'm bisexual


my class will find out why I was actually in hospital

Knowing that I lost all my friends & all I have is my boyfriend & 1 friend

Life is stressful and hard and sometimes I don't know how to deal with it all.

That my constant sadness will continue getting worse.

That my friend doesn't trust me.

I failed a midterm

I'll break down and won't be able to get back on my feet

I am an Idoit

I am just always left out, I barly talk and people call me weird, I am so stressed out about school and I have socal phobia my "friends" make fun of me and I am always left out I think I will always be that kid and will never make any friends

I worry I won't come out of my shell. I don't care how many friends I have, I just want to be more confident.

Worried I will be seen in public by people I know. I don't even know why. I've already avoided going to a few places because of my anxiety. Anxiety takes over and it's really not fun :(

I currently have zero friends and worry that I'll never make any.

That I'll end up killing myself.

My dad's only nice to me when he wants something and I'm worried that's how it's always going to be.

My dad's only nice to me when he wants something and I'm worried that's how it's always going to be.

I'm worried I'll never accomplish anything in life because my anxiety is so bad I'm afraid to leave the house

I worry my parents won't understand how bad my anxiety is and will just say I'm full of crap

About my depression, and that maybe liking being alone isn't okay.

Not being able to feel normal because I'm bi sexual and I got a eating disorder am I broken?

Sometimes I've told various lies to people that aren't in my school and I am very frightened that somebody will find out...

I need therapy, how do I ask my parents?

What if I'm never good enough

I'm scared I won't be able to follow my dreams

I have a speech to write in 4 days and I'm so scared that I'm going to write it and it won't be good enough

My body will never be how I want.

I'm worried that you'll give up on me.

I worry that I will never get better no matter how hard I try. I feel so alone and its the worst feeling in the world.

I am not accepted by my peers

I'm stupid

I'm worried about my friend she also suffers from depression and more, I dont want to lose her I really try to help but it doesn't seem to work

I am a weirdo

I worry that I'll never get help or get better. I've tried so many times, and even though everyone thinks I'm getting better, I'm getting so much worse. 

Everyone in my class got invited to a birthday party but me and I am worried about being accepted by my classmates I don't think I am because no one every talks or sits next to me and I am always left out

My parents fight and I worry about our family happiness.

I don't know why everything is blamed on me

My friend betraying me and talking about me behind my back to their other friends

I'm worried about my exam grades and how my parents will react

That I will never want to stop cutting..

My parents comparing me to friends

My only friend doesn't spend time with me anymore

That I will fail in life and make my parents disappointed...

I really like this guy but I'm fat and know he won't like me back.

That I'm not good enough for anyone, that I can't do anything right.

My teachers already don't look at me like I'm smart. I worry that if I don't get perfect grades on all my exams they'll think I'm just a kid who studies too much. I feel like I constantly have to prove myself to everyone around me.

I'm worried that I'll run into my ex somewhere.

I worry about worrying too much

I worry I will get sick on a school trip

I'm worried I'll fail school...

I will never get over social anxiety

That I might start having panic attacks

I'm afraid that people will soon see me the way I see myself.

That my gpa isn't high because I am not happy and can't focus 100% on my studies.

People keep saying "friends"... Some people don't have friends. 

That I'm not good enough, and never will be.

Im worried that my depression will get worse and the boy I talk to, will eventually give up on me.

Never getting to see the guy I fell in love with over the summer again.

That I'll never be happy

Everything is going down hill. I'm worried that my boyfriend is going to leave me because I'm not very mentally or emotionally stable. I'm worried about everything.

the pressure of fitting into the norm

my friends won't understand my mental illness

I worry my prinicpal will tempt me to commit because of my grades.

The guy I really like will leave me because im not good enough

I'm afraid that I will be judged badly throughout my life because I don't believe in god.

What people will think of me in the school musical

When my mom always misunderstands me and she gets angry all the time

My father being an alcoholic, and I take out my anger at him by having sex with different people


My mom keeps telling me I'm not gay

I worry that people will judge me if/when they find out about my bipolar disorder.

I'll have a mental breakdown in the middlenof class

I'm worried that I won't be good enough for anyone, especially him. I want to feel pretty.

That my depression will get worse and I will commit suiside

That no one will ever like me again because of stupid mistakes

I'm afraid of dying

I'm afraid I will grow up not being happy :(

One day I'll fail a test

That dad don't like gays and won't like me

Being bullied in high school because I'm gay

I worry that I'll never be good enough for someone, if I'm told that now, will it always be like that?

That someone will fall in love with me and then see my self harm scars or see me naked and my body or see me angry and sad and anxious or having a panic attack and leave.

That I'll never be able to stop cutting.

I'm worried about starting a new school today, I've make a few mistakes over the weekend and I'm scared I'm going to get looked at differently

I'm worried that I will grow up to be a failure and never accomplish anything

Turning into my parents. They're good people but they're not the people I want to be.

My mom will find out I do drugs! I can't let that happen..

Worrying about worrying because I know it's unhealthy for me to stress this much.

Coming out

My grades will drop

I will lose the ones I love


About work, my son, my husband, finances and feeling sad and anxious all the time.

If I'm not going to get the life I want to have in the future

I worry that my friend is going try to kill herself again. I just wish she knew how much she is loved.

I'm worried that I'll never have a real friend. Someone who won't turn away from me because of my mental disorders.

Embarrassing myself in front of the boy I like.

My family are strangers to me . Every time me and my parents are together it feels awkward . I don't live in a home , I live in a house . I'm scared on what's going to happen in the future

I hate how people say being gay is just a phase

People say I'm crazy and I wonder if I really am, sometimes I want to be because I don't feel like my parents believe me

You'll never be perfect as your friends

By the time I graduate everyone I hold dear will have left me.

I worry that I won't pass my exams and I'll make my parents disappointed

that I'm the reason my parents are fighting.

Burning my birthday cake

I worry that decisions I have made will reflect on my future and shape me into someone I'm really not

I'm worried that it's taking too long to finish my degree and I'll be too old when I graduate.

I worry mom and dad will be mad at me

That I'm not with the right guy, but we have a new baby together. His family gives me so much anxiety and I don't know how to be myself around them. We've been together 4 years (since I was 19)I wish I had thought about all this sooner..

That I will never be good enough for anyone and while my friends move on in life I will be stuck here with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts

I have no guy friends :( I'm the only guy that is with only girls.. I recently came out as bi, but I really want a guy friend

That I'll always feel like this

That some day I'm just going to lose myself, lose control. And do something I'll regret.

Coming out and worrying about if people will accept me because I'm gay

That my friends and family hate me

That my bone infection will come back and kill me

I'm afraid that I'll go as crazy as I feel

I don't think I'll get into university

My mom will get mad because I want to live full time with my dad

My friends at school say they will always be there for me but then next thing I now there are off talking to the person who publicly humiliated me :/

That I'll never get to travel the world like I wish to do

The new move won't go as I hope...

My sister cuts

That I will never have a boyfriend

That no body like me

I'm scared that I'm treated my boyfriend horribly, my ADHD makes my moods change in an instant and I don't think he understands that. He buys me everything and does little things to make me happy, all the time. I'm afraid I'm going to lose him due to my constant mood swings.

I feel like I don't belong here...

I worry I will fail at everything....

I worry about my teen children and how to comfort them during their anxieties

I worry I will end up alone, it feels like anxiety is taking over my life

Disappointing my friends, parents, and my boyfriend because I am a terrible person

That my mother won't stop being two faced to me

I worry about everyone up and leaving my life, like I'm not good enough

that I'll never make anyone happy

That my best friend will find out I'm having sex with her brother

That my dads anger and my moms depression will pass down to me and add to my anxiety/social phobia that I already have.

I worry that I'll never figure out where I'm going in life. I graduated last year and started university but quit. I never get along with my parents anymore and I can't afford to move out. I worry that nothing will work out for me and I'll be a failure

That I'll always be the odd one out... The only one who is never picked... That I'll always be left out

That I won't be able to live up to the unrealistic expectations I set up for myself.

That my mom won't stop treating me bad, even if she's drunk or not ...

i will do poorly in school because im scared to ask for extra help

My best friend always hangs out with other people and not me anymore.... -.-


Going to school with pimples on my face

I worry because the guy i like most, barely talks to me

Worry about what other people are saying when I am no longer in the same room.

That I won't have a good job when I get older and will struggle in life

That when my ex texted me after almost a year I'll develop feelings again.

That I'm just not living the life that I expected for myself !

I worry that I will have a panic attack in a public place.

My depression and anxiety will affect me to the point of dropping out of school.

That I will make a wrong decision and everyone will look down on me for it.

That no one in ny family will ever accept the fact i have anxiety and stop saying its just me "being a teenager" and being antisocial

That i'll never get over my anxiety, insomnia and depression

Worried that I am going to grow old all alone.

I'm worried about everything and everyone except myself

i get so worked up over midterms that i forget what i have learned while im in the exam and start crying... my friends tell me to "stop being so dramatic" i worry about my future because of what happens during exams and that they arent really my friends

I'll never be able to afford my own home


Failing mid terms

I do not know how to act around other people and everything looks and feels unreal. I worry all of the time and all I want to do is sleep.

I worry that my depression will never get better.

My future

My future

That I'll never find something I value enough to hold on to my life. There are only so many times you can force yourself to go that "one more night"

I'll fail out of highschool because my mental illness really stops me from going to school. The education system doesn't get that

That I am missing out in life because I spend to much time on my iPad

Passing my midterms

My social anxiety & my depression

I worry a guy will take advantage of me

I worry that I'll get pregnant because I've already had 2 scares and I'm only 17.

That my friend will find out that I'm having sex with her boyfriend

That I will never be good enough for myself and others

I worry my life won't work out the way I want it to.

I worry about talking to people because I'm really shy, I self harm and I have extreme depression.

How am I going to get through this life?

That I will never be "normal"

That I won't get into university, even with all my courses and marks and hard work

My boyfriend will leave me, because quite frankly, I've never been good enough for anyone.

I'll never figure out what I want to grow up to be.

That I am going to fail myself and my family.

that I wont get over my ED.

I worry that I'll always be unmotivated, anxious and thinking negatively about my capability of doing things. I worry that it'll never get better and I'll be stuck in the same place with the same horrible feelings forever.

That my parents will be mad at me when they find out I am dating an older guy.

I'm never sure if people really like me, or if they just act like it when I'm around.

Not being good enough to find someone who will love me for the broken mess i am

My friend doesn't realize how amazing she really is.

I'm failing math and close to failing science.

I try to act funny and cool I guess around my crush but turns out I just look and sound plain stupid...

I worry about life in general.

Not being able to pass high school.

Deciding on a Career I must do for the rest of my life.

Never being good enough,

One word School..

That I will amount to nothing and let my parents down

That I could've prevented my best friend's suicide

I have a crush on a girl but I have a boyfriend

I worry; that I'm gonna ruin my happiness once again, I do it all the time. I have a boyfriend who means everything to me; I've had struggled with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts in the past. I'm on the road to recovery, it's a long hard road and if i slip back into my depression.. I may just end it.

Its past midnight and I have 3 assignments due tomorrow not done.

I want to ask for help but I'm afraid my parents will brush it off and say theres nothing wrong with me, or I'll be called an attention seeker.

Language class


I'm afraid to tell my parents about my boyfriend.

Im scared to come out as gender fluid to my parents.

Public speaking

My parents comparing me to other people

I worry I might be getting depressed? But I am not sure? Nothing is fun anymore, I don't look forward to things, it's been going on for a few weeks now. I'm I?

I don't know how to come out to my parents that I'm bi and tell them about my girlfriend

I worry that it's my fault that all my past " friends " turned out not to be my friends, but in fact the people that did and still tend to do, destroy me mentally and even sometimes physically. And worst of all I think I am lossing my friends that I have had for over a year! That's the longest friendship yet. I worry its my fault.

I worry that I am not good enough and that if I don't do better, every one else will feel that way too.

That this app will be awesome

I worry I have an STD because I had sex with a guy who is a player.

My parents hate each other and I hate being around them.

I worry that my dad is going to be mad when I tell him I want to live full time with mom.

I am going to be charged will shop lifting, I didn't do it but I was there when my friend did.

My rage and anger will cause me to hurt someone I love, my boyfriend.

That I will need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

That when I tell my parents that I was born in the wrong body and that I am transgendered that they will think it’s a phase. I have known since I was five that I am in the wrong body.

That I will have a panic attack in my public exams.

That I will never find a friend, I have no one.

That my best friend has read my texts and knows I have talked about her.

My pimples will never clear up.

About calling people on the phone, I just hate talking on the phone.

My parents won't let me go to my grad parties and I will look like a loser.

I will lose my job because I am too nervous to ask for help and I keep screwing up.

That the popular crowd will always make fun of me, I hate going to school because I know they are going to make my day horrible.

My teacher will call on me in class again and everyone will look at me.

I worry that I will end up with a man when really I am know I am a lesbian.

I worry that I won't get my licence.

I have made mistakes and I worry people will forever judge me because of them.

That my parents will find out I do drugs.

That my dad will die of alcoholism.

My looks.

I worry about war and what's happening around the world.

I worry I will look back on high school regretting that I didn’t do more.

Finding my one true love.

That I will have sex when before I am ready because I really don't want to lose my boyfriend.

Worry that my foster family will ask me to leave.

That I won’t get a job this year and won't be able to go to grad because I can't afford it.

I will get breast cancer like my mother and grandmother.

Trying new things scare me.

I think too much and do too little, I worry I am missing out on life.

I worry that I worry too much.

Coming out to my family and their judgement/reactions.

School, friends, brothers.

Never being good enough.

How depressed my friends are.

That I will disappoint my family.

Being rejected.

About my future.

That fact that my daughter does not consider her family with any strength.


That my "friends" talk about me when I am not there.

Failing school, heart break.

Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright but it's never good change.

Not being able to find someone to love me. Everyone I had so far ran away. Left me for life or dead.

My daughter.

My best friend, she means the world to me, and I'm so scared for her to grow up...She is and always will be my one and only worry.

Not being good enough in comparison to others.

Not communicating with my daughter about her lack of affection-she doesn’t' like my hugs anymore. I worry she will be "cold" when she is an adult.

Fitting in.

My daughter not believing that she has the power to choose who she wants to be.

School, grad, parents, boyfriend, friends, graduating, growing up, future, past, BPD, Depression,suicide

Never being what anyone wants, is this as good as it gets? Suicide. Friends? Girlfriend?

Why I hate my body so much.

Being accepted because I'm gay.

Me being pregnant and my parents getting a divorce. Maybe I won't think before I act like last time.

My future and if I will grow up to be ok.

How kids are raised with no communication. Once a day at supper sit as a family find out what is going on in their kids’ lives. Believe it or not some parents are blind or don't want to deal with it.Why? They don’t know how to. Same with teachers. Not all but in reality teachers need more hands on and talking with teens

Those who enforce societies on you, wish they had the courage to be like you.

My friends talking about me.

Not living up to the person my family wants me to be. I worry about the fact that I haven't been happy for a long time and I don't know if I ever will be again

Not knowing who I am and being too easily influenced and pressured. I have no limits as to what to do because I don't care about anything so I don't care about what I do.

My grades

My friends talking about me behind my back when I'm not around

My Future